To Every Pen (Turn, Turn, Turn)

I told you this was going to be a dangerous rabbit hole for Jay to dive down. It all started with the bolt carriage pens.

Finished Pens

Let’s just say that it has QUICKLY snowballed from there!

Now he is making fat twisting pens.

Pen Turning - Fat Pen

And skinny twisting pens.

Pen Turning - Pen Slim

Does it stop there? No. He has, of course, figured out how to personalize them.

Pen Turning - Roberto Fat

And now he’s making them in sets.

Lexi Pens

Boo-boo Pens

Then I enabled him even more (I didn’t know it was possible, either), by sending him a picture of a pen case that I found. That night an order was placed for not only some cases,

Rifle Pen Case

(Yes, a rifle case for your bullet pen)

Tactical Pen Case

(And a tactical case, too)

but he also purchased a kit to make me a crochet hook.

Turned Crochet Hook

As soon as I’m finished with my current project I will start another blanket so that I can put this to the test.

Is that it? Of course not!

What would life be like if he didn’t also try to make measuring spoons?

Measuring Spoon Kit

When I went into his shop to take these pictures he was standing at the lathe. He has a P.I.P. (Pen In Process) that was on the bench.

Pen in Process

And apparently another manufacturing order has been released, which I think you can technically consider to be P.I.P., too, since the material has been issued to the job.

Kitted Up Pen

I’m not sure how many more he will make before he has completely saturated our household turned pen market, but I suppose we shall see!

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