I Wish I Had a Pen…

I know that it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. It’s not for lack of projects. I am currently in the process of crocheting two different blankets, I have two different sewing projects underway, plus I am in the middle of a refinishing project. The problem is that I don’t have enough pictures of any of these to make a decent blog post.

Jay has been working odd schedules and taking classes for work, so he hasn’t had a lot of productive time in the shop. He did get two more 3D wooden puzzles put together, but I don’t have pictures of them. So, we’ll go with the old stand by… pens.

This time I want to show you two different pens he made at my request.

Up first is the Icon Pen that uses the ballpoint end and ink from a Bic pen.

Icon Pens

Aren’t they pretty? I have to admit that I’m pretty low maintenance, so I prefer these Bic pens. I also enjoy the cushioned grip. Plus, Jay loves me so he personalized one for me.

Personalized Icon Pen

Next up I saw some kits and asked Jay to purchase them so that I can give them away for gifts. Are you ready for some absolute adorableness???

Cat Lovers Pens

AWWWWWW!!! Kitties!!!!

Come on, you have to admit that the little kittens in the baskets are ADORABLE!

Cat Pens Tops

Everybody needs a cat pen.

Cat Lovers Names

With their names on them. The outside two pens were given to the director and assistant director of the cat shelter where I volunteer. They have to do a lot of stuff that is difficult and would hurt my heart, so I wanted to show them my appreciation. They really loved them.

And one more picture because you just can’t have enough adorableness.

Personalized Cat Lovers Pens

Finally, the last picture I have does not have a pen in it. Are you ready?

Turned Bottle Openers

Do you know what these are? Any guesses? No, they aren’t extra-classy whistles. They are bottle openers. Every time I look at the very light middle one I think it looks like bone. It’s actually maple. Isn’t that neat?

I hate to make you groan, but even though this is the last of the pen pictures today I can guarantee that they will be back. Jay has a BUNCH of kits still to make, so you’ll be hearing more from his lathe.

Until then, may your nib be sharp and your ink well full!

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