Tulip Fields Afghan Finished!

The last time I showed you pictures of this afghan it was just a jumble of squares and triangles.

Last week I finished crocheting the few pieces that remained on the list. Then I started assemblying. First I laid out all of the tulip blocks to determine how I wanted to arrange them on the afghan. Then I stacked them in order so that I could grab off the top of the pile as I crocheted them together. In a project like this a little organization goes a long way. Finally it was done.

You can’t really tell, but I started with the palest pink tulip in the upper left corner and then worked my way down through the darker shades of pink. I pulled this picture into Photoshop so that I could darken it up a bit and add a little contrast to give you a better idea of the actual colors.

I didn’t darken this one up at all. I wanted you to somewhat be able to see the stitch pattern.

The good thing about using the single crochet stitch to join all of the blocks is that if you make a mistake it’s easy to tear out your stitching and start over. If I had been sewing it with a needle and yarn then there’s a very good chance that one of these tulips would have been on their side.

Of course the Quality Inspector had to check it out.

It seems that cleaning your face before inspecting the product helps you to see a lot clearer.

I can feel him judging my joining stitches. To be fair, though, it’s very difficult to attach blocks on a growing blanket when you have a little gray cat on your lap who gets grumpy if he gets covered up by said blanket.

“Relunctantly I am going to pass this blanket. The stitches are not even and I think I should sleep on this for a few weeks before I give my final verdict. However, I’m hungry and want to be fed so stop taking pictures and get me a can of food!”

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