A Little Bit of This and That…

I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived! As the flowers start to grow, though, my To Do list does as well. I don’t have any finishes of my own to share with you today. Instead, I’m going to take you on a little trip through my scatter-brained thoughts.

I have been crocheting a blanket, or rather blocks for a blanket.

Tulip Afghan for Raven 2021

When my sister received her copy of Crochet World’s April 2021 issue she decided that she wanted to make the Tulip Fields Afghan for her mother-in-law. This pattern is rated for an Intermediate level so I knew my sister would have a bit of difficulty understanding the directions. I’d never crocheted a block like this before so I had to figure it out first so that I can help my sister out when she gets to it. It’s not very difficult. It just takes some organization when you have 8 different working yarns hanging off of your block. 

Tulip Afghan Blocks

I’m using Red Heart’s Super Saver Ombre yarn for the tulips and Main Stay’s black acrylic for the background. Main Stay is the Walmart brand so I’ll do a review of it once I’ve finished the afghan. I just finished all of the solid black blocks, the larger triangular pieces and I’m working on the last corner triangle. Then I just have 6 more tulip blocks to make before I can start sewing it together.

Sticking with crochet, I want to share with you the project that I’m going to start once the Tulip afghan is finished.

Seacliff Tunic CSUM2021

This is the Seacliff Tunic designed by Che Lam. It was in the Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! magazine and as soon as I laid eyes on it I had an overwhelming desire to make it. I used one of my Hobby Lobby gift cards and ordered enough of the Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton to make it in my size. I decided to use black instead of the blue because it will go with more of my outfits. 

Since those projects aren’t enough, I’ve also determined that I need to revise the Astroflora shawl that I made five years ago. This was the first project that I ever crocheted. I can’t believe that I’ve only been crocheting for 5 years! Anyway, this is the shawl I’m talking about:

Astroflora Shawl Done - 4-2-16

I wore it the other day because it was just chilly enough that I needed one more layer and I didn’t want to bother with a jacket. As I was wearing it I had to keep adjusting it because it felt too small. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been wearing the Atlanta Astroflora shawl that I made while on my trip to Atlanta a while later. I used up all of the yarn I’d brought with me which caused the finished project to be much larger than the pattern intended. I actually like that size and have determined that I should make this original one larger. The only problem is that I don’t have any of the original yarn that I used for it. I don’t know if I can even remember what it was, but I’m not too worried. Instead I’m going to use some of the solid DK yarns that I used on the Solar System blanket. The colors should be close enough that they will go nicely.

Is this all that I have lined up to work on? Of course not! If I don’t have an insane amount of things to make then I feel like I’m being a slacker. lol

I think I’ve mentioned that this year I’m going to attempt to make about 25 lunch bags for the guys in the substance abuse program in my town. Last year I made the hats for them. This year I want to make the lunch bags and fill them with snacks. I have two different patterns that I’ve purchased and need to try out. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the Dillan Lunch Bag by i Think Sew patterns. I like the size and there’s a tutorial on YouTube that I can follow. I do have another pattern that I’m trying, but as I cut it out I instinctively realized that I’m not going to like it. I’ve already got the material cut out, though, so I’m going to at least put it together.

Lunch Box Sample 1

In woodworking news, Jay has a new project that I’ve just given to him. My mother-in-law offered to give me a lingerie chest that she no longer needed. I opened up the drawer and looked inside.

Lingerie Chest Drawer

It was real wood! My current lingerie chest is a cheap particle board unit that I picked up at Kmart nine years ago. I would love to have a solid wood one so I told Karen that I would take it once the weather warmed up because I want to strip it and refinish it.

Lingerie Chest 4-12-21

This past weekend was gorgeous so I asked Jay to bring it home with him the next time he was over at his mom’s. He did, but when I saw the bottom I wanted to strangle the person who designed this piece.

Lingerie Chest Bottom

Particle board!!!! GRRRRRRRR

You can’t refinish particle board and the bottom of this apparently got wet at some point. Now I was torn. I didn’t want to replace one particle board chest with another, and especially one that would have to be repainted and repaired. Yet I hated to burn perfectly good wooden drawers. I discussed it with Jay, and when he gets some time, he’s going to take measurements and build me a new carcass for the drawers. Yea!!! Isn’t he good to me??

Okay, so I’m almost done. I have two finishes that I want to show you even though they aren’t mine. I went up to my parents’ for Easter and my mom handed me two quilts. One is for Project Linus (I hand them in for her):

Babe's Pink Project Linus Quilt 2021

The other one is for me and Jay:

Babe's Civil War Quilt 2021

Normally I’m not an orange kind of person, but this was made from a kit that Jay’s mom’s friend had given to me. She knew that I was into the Civil War and this kit had reproduction fabric in it based on fabrics manufactured during the Civil War.

Babe's Civil War Quilt Fabric

My mom had to do some additional work and use the backing fabric that came with it in order to increase the size. She knows that we have a king size bed and the original pattern for this kit would barely fit a double. Jay thinks it will be great to have on the bed in the fall. I think that it’s nice to have another big quilt that is long enough on the sides where we don’t have to fight over who has the cold butt at night. lol

My mom does a fantastic job arranging the pattern pieces and then quilting it with her long arm. In fact, even the quality inspector was very impressed with the workmanship on these quilts. They both received A+ grades.

Bob 4-12-21

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