Solar System Blanket and Towels

Last year one of the magazines I received in the mail was Mandala-Style Throws to Crochet. There were quite a few patterns I wanted to try, but there was one I knew I was going to crochet.

Solar System Blanket by Alex Mikkelborg.

Solar System Blanket 01 2021

The blanket in the picture looks a LOT better than this one. I followed the pattern exactly, but I could never get mine to lay flat. I didn’t stress out too much about it because it’s for my friend’s daughter so I figured it wouldn’t spend much time actually spread out on the ground. It was for her first birthday.

When I saw this blanket I instantly thought of my friend’s brother. He went to college for astro-something or another and is horribly smart. He wrote a few published articles and I believe he even discovered some kind of cosmic item (I can’t recall what it is and I’m horrible with science). I thought this would give the little darling something for her and her uncle to bond over when she gets older. Hopefully. 

I really hope this little girl doesn’t ever have OCD otherwise this blanket will drive her crazy.

Solar System Blanket Truer Colors

This is much closer to the actual colors in real life. But I think if you have OCD you will be frustrated because all of the planets are one one side of the solar system. In my defense, I was following a picture that I found on the internet and when I laid it down, that’s when I realized they were all on one side. When it was just a big lump of blanket in my lap I didn’t realize they were landing like this. Jay is my science expert in the house so I asked him if it’s possible that they could all actually be arranged in this way and he said yes. So I’m going with that. Of course, the quality inspector had to come by and take a look.

Blanket Quality Inspector

“Hmmm… Saturn’s rings aren’t nearly to scale, and Neptune looks a bit lethargic. I see that you added Pluto to the blanket. You’re part of the crowd who still insists on including it despite the fact that it’s been demoted. I see how it is. Let me just put it through the napping test and then we’ll see if it gets a passing grade.”

Since Little Lady is now a year old she also received some hooded towels.

Hooded Towels 02 2021

I HAD to include a towel with a ribbon of music. These towels work great from the toddler age all the way up until they are old enough to start copping attitudes. 🙂


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1 Response to Solar System Blanket and Towels

  1. Dottie Walker says:

    With NASA and SpaceX in the news, this is the perfect gift for a little girl/ future scientist !

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