Vacation Crocheting

I took vacation time off of work last week. While Jay was in his workshop, I was crocheting and watching The Good Place on Netflix (for the 9,456,778th time).

My big project was a lapghan to use at work. I sit right by a window and freeze in the winter. I decided to use the same pattern that I had used for a Project Linus blanket not too long ago.

My Misty Morning Lapghan 7-19-20

I modified the pattern just a little bit, though. I added a little more width to it. I wanted to make sure it would wrap around my legs when I’m sitting at my desk. This pattern is from an Annie’s publication.

LapThrows for the Family

This is called the Misty Morning afghan.

Since it’s for the office I decided to use basic black.

My Misty Morning Lapghan Detail

(which shows off every stray cat hair, of course)

Glitter makes everything better, though, so I used Hobby Lobby’s Metallic Black I Love This Yarn!

That looks like a lot of crocheting for one week, right? Well, there’s more.

It’s somewhat difficult to crochet with black yarn at night. Especially when your necklight is dead and needs to be recharged (but you keep forgetting). So I would switch over to hats. I managed to make three more while I was on “vacation”.

Crocheted Hats #18-20

These are hats #18, 19 and 20. This yarn is some of the mill ends that I received in my last Ice Yarns order.

I tied the pieces together and then wound them up into these cute little balls. There were quite a few more of the rusty colored yarn than the yellow-gray-white yarn. I probably have enough of the rusty yarn left to make two more hats.

Crocheted Hat Ice Yarns

The other day I had to run to Hobby Lobby. So I picked up some more yarn (it was on sale!) and made three more hats.

Crocheted Hats #21-23

Hats # 21, 22 and 23. I can get almost two hats out of one skein of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. I ended up using just a plain black to finish off the brims. I think it adds a nice little accent. No, I have not woven in the ends on these hats. They are in the pile waiting for that to happen.

The first three are Ice Yarns Magic Light yarn (mill ends), which are a #3 so they are a bit lighter and airy.

Crocheted Hat #18

Crocheted Hat #19 & 20

(I used a solid white #4 for the brim on the second hat because I was almost out of this yarn).

The rest of these were made with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn (size #4).

Crocheted Hats #21 & 22

Crocheted Hat #23

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