Project Linus Blanket #32

Project Linus Blanket #32:

Project Linus Blanket #32 4-17-20 - A Yarny Tale

A Yarny Tale

This isn’t the best picture, but currently it’s the easiest place to photograph a blanket of this size. The rest of my house is a mess (I’m still trying to get things moved into my sewing room and out of the other rooms).

This was the blanket I started to make when I wrote the post a few weeks ago called A Yarny Tale. When I make these blankets I concentrate on the little boy at the end of that story. He is the reason why I continue to make blankets for Project Linus. I have a zillion other projects that I want to eventually make, but I try to crochet a blanket on a regular basis so that I don’t do too much selfish crocheting.

Project Linus Blanket #32 Detail

In this blanket I used Premiere’s Sweet Roll “Blueberry Swirl”, Stitch Studio Classic “Light Blue” and an unknown light blue that I had in my stash. The Stitch Studio color is one that I used to buy at A.C. Moore and is one of my favorite yarns. Needless to say, I was VERY excited when I discovered that Premiere Yarns will now be carrying this line of yarn!! Seriously, I will pay the extra money to use the Stitch Studio yarn instead of the Red Heart Super Saver. The quality and feel is just so much better with the SS yarn.

I actually finished this blanket about two weeks ago, but I had other things that I needed to blog about first. I’m lucky enough to still be working during this pandemic so I haven’t had any extra time to sit and crank out more blankets. After moving the majority of my sewing stuff out of the old area, though, I was able to reorganize my yarn stash.

This is what my yarn stash looked like at the end of May LAST year:

Yarn Cubbies After 5-20-19

In one year I’ve had two large orders from Ice Yarns and A.C. Moore went out of business. This is what my yarn stash looks like now (after organizing it):

Yarn Cubbies 5-1-20

The pink bag has a Christmas project kitted up, the laundry basket needs to be wound with the ball winder, the black yarn organizer has a Project Linus blanket ready to be stitched, and the gray totes contain shopping bags of kitted Project Linus blankets that I just have to grab and start stitching.

I realize that it looks like a mess in this picture, but I assure you that it is in much better shape than just a few weeks ago. It makes me so happy!

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