Machining for the CNC Router Part 2

The last post ended with visions of pull tabs dancing in our heads.

MachinedCNC 2-12

As we travel along the work bench we come upon a strange grouping.

MachinedCNC 2-13

What could this mean? It must be a new style of puzzle. Remember when the 3D puzzles came out and were all the rage? This is the new Machining puzzle. The instructions say, “Here are your parts. Good luck.” Without any clue as to what it was suppose to be, Jay would easily be able to put it all together and have it functioning without an issue. Let’s see if he did that in this case.

MachinedCNC 2-14

I was going to say, “So far, so good” but if I’m honest this could be completely wrong and I would have no clue. I know that he’s using linear bearings. They are the little flat green gum packs.

MachinedCNC 2-15

It appears that we’ve created a linear bearing sandwich.

MachinedCNC 2-16

Did we change our mind and give it wings instead? I sure hope you know what’s happening because I’m completely lost. I’m looking for the sign alongside the road that tells me what number to call for assistance.

MachinedCNC 2-17

Yes, yes… obviously… I mean, who didn’t know that?

MachinedCNC 2-18

We are back to the winged plate. Oh, I see! We have inserted a drive shaft of some sort.

MachinedCNC 2-19

And we have attached the motor that will drive said shaft.

MachinedCNC 2-20


MachinedCNC 2-21

“I see!” said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

MachinedCNC 2-22

Not only do we have the carriage with the spindle, but you can see all of the hand-machined plastic wheels. Oh, and the end plates that Jay also machined.

MachinedCNC 2-23

It appears as if all of the machined parts are assembled. Now we need some nerves to bring it to life.

MachinedCNC 2-24

There are the spindle mounts that started this entire project.

MachinedCNC 2-25

And then we have this… thing.

MachinedCNC 2-26

Ah! Wheelpants for the carriage wheels.

MachinedCNC 2-27

This style of wheelpant is more aerodynamic.

MachinedCNC 2-28

You know, I’m tired of having to tell you everything. I’m going to let you just look for yourself. Try being self-sufficient for once!

MachinedCNC 2-29

MachinedCNC 2-30

MachinedCNC 2-31

MachinedCNC 2-32

MachinedCNC 2-33

It works! Yippee!

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