Too Many Projects!

I thought that once Christmas was done I would have more time to work on other projects. After all, my obligations would have been fulfilled. Right? Nope.

What ends up happening is somebody will mention how much they like something… and in my head I’m already thinking about which pattern I’ll use and if I have the correct yarn or fabric. Once I’ve picked those two things out I feel like I’m obligated to make the item. Even if the person who will be receiving it has no idea that I’ve decided to make them something. Let me give you an example.

For Christmas I made my sister the Warm Embers Cardigan. Last week my brother-in-law texted me to say that she practically lives in it and barely even takes it off to shower. Then he sent me a picture and mentioned that Chloe (their Chinese Crested “dog”) likes it, too.

Droof in her Warm Embers Cardi

To be fair, Chloe has more hair on the top of her head than anywhere else. But what happened? I instantly thought, “I still have a skein or so left of that yarn. If I can get Chloe’s chest measurement I’m sure that I’ve got enough yarn to make her a sweater, too.” Because apparently I need another project.

I received this in the mail last week:

Joanns 1-10-19

That is yarn that I am going to use to make my friend a Prayer Sweater. I’ve already made her a shawl and I thought a sweater might be cozier. She’s having a bit of a rough time lately so I thought the pretty color would cheer her up. (Not that you can really see the beautiful color since it’s dark – it’s called Dragonfly)

That doesn’t count all of the baby projects that I have lined up because two of my friends are expecting little bundles of joy this year.

Baby Blanket Yarn 1-16-20

I already have some yarn prepared to make a cushy baby blanket that will be great for the floor. Plus I received a Crochet! magazine and saw the most darling baby dress… so I have that in my head now.

That’s on top of the yarn that I purchased a few weeks ago for another Project Linus blanket.

Project Linus Yarn 1-16-20

Plus, I found some yarn on clearance that I think will make a great shawl for myself.

Shawl Yarn 1-16-20

Keep in mind that I’ve still got the yarn waiting for this shawl that I want to make:

Erigeneia Shawl

With this yarn:

IceY Magic Light and Glitz - Blues 7-3-19

I still have two totes with about a dozen Project Linus blankets kitted up:

Kitted Blankets 5-19-19

Did I also mention that I have technically started this afghan:

Rose Cathedral Window Afghan-edit

Using this yarn:

IceY Cathedral Window Colors 7-2-19

You guys, that’s just SOME of the crochet projects that I have lined up.

This is what my cutting table looks like in my sewing room:

Cutting Table 1-16-20

I did not stage this nor did I clean it up.

That’s just the crochet portion of my hobbies. I haven’t even mentioned Project Custom Clothes, the kitty couch Jay made for me that needs to be upholstered, moving my sewing room downstairs (and moving other rooms around to accommodate this move), plus the numerous concrete yard statues that are in need of paint.

If I didn’t have to work a full time job to feed Mr. Whiney Pants

Bob 1-9-20

then I would definitely have more time for my hobbies.


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