Ice Yarn Haul #2

I have been very bad. In my quest to get the best yarn at the lowest price for a Christmas present I ended up ordering from Ice Yarns again. I had barely opened the last haul before I was once again putting in an order. This is it, guys. No more yarn (unless it’s black, white or off-white) until after the first of the year. I have so much yarn now that I don’t even have the desire to look at yarn. Is that bad or what?

Again, I was very impressed with the service and shipping from Turkey.

Ice Yarns 7-16-19

The bag was quite dirty, but you would be too if you had traveled so far in such a short amount of time. I found one rip in the bag when I brought it in.

IceY Bag Rip 7-16-19

Luckily it didn’t seem to have done any damage to the yarn below.

Chester decided that she was going to help me to open the package.

Chester Helping 7-16-19

Or she just wanted to sit on the sheet that I was using as a background for my pictures. We’ll pretend that she actually wanted to help. Last time I posted my haul I didn’t show you pictures of the bag being opened. When I carefully cut the top open, this is what I saw:

IceY Bag Reveal 7-16-19

Can you see how tightly they managed to squish in those balls of yarn? It looks interesting, doesn’t it? Would you like to see what’s lurking in the bag?

Let’s start with the yarn that caused me to “have” to purchase all of this goodness. The chunky yarn for my sister’s cardigan.

IceY Batik Chunky Blk-Gry-Wht 7-16-19

Batik Chunky in Black, White Grey

If my calculations were correct, I think that I will only need 17 balls of this yarn. However, due to how you have to order from Ice Yarns I ended up getting 20. That’s fine with me because I would rather have too much than not enough.

IceY Batik Chunky 7-16-19

This is definitely soft and should make a nice cardigan. Since it’s variegated yarn I’m hoping that the pattern doesn’t look too dumb when I begin to sew the pieces together.

In order to justify the shipping I had to order more, of course.

I thought about a project that I would like to make for another friend for either Christmas or a birthday, so with that project in mind I went looking for some yarn.

First I came across this:

IceY Dream Blue Shades 7-16-19

Dream Blue Shades Anthracite Black

The site says that this is a #3 Light DK, Light, Worsted yarn. The tags it uses are Basic, Self-Striping, Double Knitting, 100% Acrylic, Blue.

But then I saw another yarn that looked very similar, so I bought one package of that to compare.

IceY Venice Blue Shades 7-16-19

Venice Blue Shades Anthracite Black

It says that this is a #2 Fine, Sport, Baby with the tags Summer Yarn, Basic, Self-striping, Fine Weight, 100% Acrylic, Multicolor.

I have compared both of these yarns, and except for the way that they are packaged, I would swear that they are the exact same yarn. Even though one is supposed to be a 3 and the other a 2, they both are about the same size. Probably closer to a 2 if I had to guess. They have the same feel when you touch them and I can’t find any difference between them at all. So I guess that if I do start a project I will have plenty of this yarn to complete it.

The rest of the yarn I purchased for Project Linus blankets.

I saw this yarn and knew that I had to work it into a blanket.

IceY Cakes Aran Grn-Trq-Bl-Rd-Yl 7-16-19

Cakes Aran Green, Turquoise, Blue, Red, Yellow

As you can probably see, this is a self-striping yarn so it will make a very easy blanket. I loved the bold primary colors. I think that if I add a green or blue it will make a very cute blanket.

The next yarn reminds me of Curious George. I think maybe it’s because the one book my grandma had used all of these colors on the cover.

IceY Cakes Baby Lollipop Yl-Grn-Brn-Gry 7-16-19

Cakes Baby Lollipop Yellow, Green, Brown, Grey

Isn’t that kind of fun? Here’s another angle to kind of see the colors and how they play together.

IceY Cakes Baby Lollipop 7-16-19

Another baby yarn that I purchased with some green and yellow in it:

IceY Favorite Baby Grn Shades-Yel-Wht 7-16-19

Favorite Baby Green Shades, Yellow, White

I think that will make a really pretty blanket.

I still needed more yarn to justify the shipping. I thought back to the green and white blanket that I made earlier this year. There really aren’t a lot of boyish versions of variegated yarn that includes some nice greens. I found one that might work.

IceY Favorite Magic 7-16-19

Favorite Magic

On the left: Black, Grey, White, Green Shades.

On the right: Green, Turquoise, Grey, Orange, Yellow

When I saw the orange it reminded me that one of my best friends in high school had LOVED orange. I don’t get it because I don’t care for the color at all, but he couldn’t get enough of it. I figure that there must be more boys out there like him so I picked up some orange yarn as well since you don’t really find it in the stores very often.

IceY Dancing Baby Grn-Org-Yel-Wht 7-16-19

Dancing Baby Green, Orange, Yellow, White

This had some more of the green in it so I grabbed it. If I can’t find orange to fill out the blanket I can use green or white. It gives me some options.

Finally, my last purchase was this beauty:

IceY Magic LtRd-Org-Yel 7-16-19

Magic Light Red, Orange, Yellow

It reminds me of orange sorbet. Or a dreamsicle. Mmmm… let’s take a closer look.

IceY Magic 7-16-19

Because these colors are so bold and beautiful I know that I won’t be able to find anything that matches. More than likely I’ll just offset the blanket with stripes of white. But that’s okay. It will be gorgeous.

All together this is what my haul looked like:

IceY Haul 7-16-19

That is a LOT of yarn. I am definitely at capacity for a while. No more yarn comes in until some of this goes out. Do you think that I can stick to it? I guess we shall see!

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  3. Joanna Jarvis says:

    Im searching for some black grrey white ice batik chunky yarn. Do you have any i could buy from you?
    Very desperate
    Jo Jarvis UK

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