New Windows!

I never thought that I would be a person who could get excited over new windows… but apparently I am. Although we are trying to limit the amount of money we pour into this house (as we’ll never EVER get it all back out) we realized that we needed at least three new windows. Let me attempt to show you what I’m talking about.

First up, the Kitchen window.

Kitchen from Library

From a distance this window looks okay. When you got up close, though, you noticed that it was an old window with the individual glass panes that needed to be re-puttied, and the storm window was the old aluminum variety with a very thin pane of glass. Not to mention it was no longer sealed and bugs were able to get in (but not out…). It was not energy efficient and I never liked to have it open because it just reminded me that it was falling apart.

As of today, we have a new one:

New Kitchen Window 6-3-19

Look at how bright, shiny and clean it is!! I opted to go without the window grid because the rest of the windows in the back of the house don’t have grids. Also, it was a silly amount of money to add them. I’m so happy that I can now open this window if I want and wash it without worrying that I’m going to crack a pane!

In the dining room I had two windows that needed to be replaced.

One faces north:

Dining Room New Walls 2

Again, thin panes of glass partially covered with an aluminum “storm window” and if I wanted to have the window open I would have to use something to prop it open. Also, notice that this doesn’t have window panes?

The west facing window was in horrible shape, too, and we get a LOT of our weather from the west.

Dining Room - New Ceiling 3

This is the same type of window that was above the kitchen sink. I think that this used to be an original window in the back of the house and was moved to this place when the addition was added. If you look closely you can see that the screen is torn. I never opened this window, either. It always made me feel trashy to know that was on my house. But not any more! Now we have BEAUTIFUL windows!

New Dining Room Windows 6-3-19

Aren’t they pretty?? I will put my lace curtains back up once they are out of the dryer, but I’m so happy with how they look!

The new north window:

New North Window 6-3-19

The new west window:

New West Window 6-3-19

I can’t wait until it’s a warm day and I can have all of them open, letting in the fresh air!

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