Project Linus Blanket #21

Project Linus Blanket #21

Project Linus Blanket #21 6-2-19

“The Night Sky”

When I saw the variegated yarn it reminded me of the sky around the moon at night.

Image by Robert Karkowski from Pixabay - Moon

Image by Robert Karkowski courtesy of Pixabay


Those are my favorite shades of blue, so I knew that I had to have a lot of white running through it in order to represent the brightness of the moon.

I LOVED the variegated yarn. It’s another Nicole Studio yarn that you can find at AC Moore. The color is actually ‘Sky Mix’, but it’s more of a night sky mix.

Project Linus Blanket #21 Detail

I enjoyed working on this one so much that I lost track of where I was and made it longer than my other blankets. Oh well. Maybe an older boy will appreciate its length.

Now it is on to the next blanket. I randomly picked one from the pile:

Kitted Blankets 5-19-19


Blanket #22 (Still Unnamed):

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Yarn


Project Linus Blanket #22 Schematic

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3 Responses to Project Linus Blanket #21

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous color combination! I am terribly impressed by your ability to perfectly measure out all your rows – it’s amazing! Some lucky recipient is going to be delighted!

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  3. Patty Parm says:

    I agree – you are AMAZING!

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