Prayer Shawl #3

Last week my friend Chrissy had to rush home because her mom needed emergency surgery. She ended up having a quadruple bypass! YIKES!

Chrissy is a sweetheart and we have a great time together. In this picture you can’t tell that when we’re together we typically cause trouble.


Her mom has a long road of healing ahead of her so I was going to ask the ladies at church for a prayer shawl for her mom. Then I thought that it might mean more to both of them if I actually made the prayer shawl myself. So I did.

Prayer Shawl #3 5-25-19

And I didn’t have to buy yarn for this project because I already had it on hand. In fact, I had the pattern ready, too. I had seen the pattern and wanted to try it, but since I’ve got a zillion kits waiting for blankets I hadn’t picked up this project yet.

Prayer Shawl #3 Up Close

After I decided that I was going to make this for her I was on a mission to get it done. I started it Wednesday night and finished it Saturday afternoon.

I used self-striping yarn cakes again because the pattern I had found called for four skeins of it. I used all four skeins to make the body of the shawl and then pulled out white yarn to do a border. I wanted to make it nice and wide. I’m not sure how they managed to make the following with only four skeins of yarn, but supposedly they did.

Crocheted Poncho

This was supposed to be a poncho, but I wanted it to be a regular shawl instead. I think that they might have blocked this one because you can really see the holes in the picture. All I did was wash and dry the shawl, just as I would expect Chrissy’s mom to do. I don’t want to give her something that needs to be blocked every time so that it looks nice.

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1 Response to Prayer Shawl #3

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    This is beautiful! And such a sweet idea. Looks like it’s good thing you’ve got yarn and patterns stocked up! ; )

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