Beginning to Garden – 2019

Two weeks ago I posted about Real Life and how my gardens look like this:

Fence Garden 5-9-19

To be fair, that garden STILL looks like that. Between my various activities, my sinuses/allergies and the rain I just haven’t been able to get much done.

I did manage to get my vegetables planted in between rain drops.

Before & After

Back Deck 5-18-19

I have cucumbers on the left and zucchini on the right.

And I decided to try something a little different. Usually I plant flowers in the pots that hang on the deck railing, but this year I decided to try some herbs. Even though you can’t see them I have planted parsley and chives. We’ll see how well they do.

I also purchased two containers at Lowe’s for my tomatoes and green peppers:

Tomatoes and Peppers 5-18-19

These containers allow you to fill a reservoir at the bottom of the pot so that the plants will be watered all of the time. Except… there were a zillion steps to complete in order to “properly” set up the container to function properly and I didn’t have time to deal with it. I was trying to get soil mixed and installed before it rained on me again. So we’ll see how well they do. I’m going to move the peppers somewhere else. I’m just not sure where. I wanted to use these containers so that they would be easy to move.

And I did get my flowers planted on the other side of my back steps. Now I just need to add the mulch.

Back Door Pansies 5-18-19

Snap Dragons and Pansies. Snap Dragons are becoming one of my favorite flowers to plant. I have some taller ones in my front garden that actually came back this year. As for the pansies, who doesn’t love them? They are my FAVORITE non-rose flower.

Speaking of roses, I did get all of the bushes in my gardens trimmed and fertilized.

Corner Rose Bushes 5-23-19

Oh, and the stupid irises! I don’t know how many times I have to tear them out of this front bed. As you can see they are stubborn critters. I hacked into the set on the left the other night. The others are almost blooming, so they were spared.

Along with the only lily that I allow to be in my gardens:

Permitted Lily 5-23-19

I’m not a big fan of lilies growing in my gardens. But this one blooms once and then goes away, so it can stay. Oh, and to the left in this picture you can see the newest rose bush that I purchased. *sigh* I couldn’t help myself. This area is where the bush was that I thought might be dead, but turns out there was a little life left to it. So I transplanted it over to be next to its buddy.

Porch Roses 5-23-19

You can’t see it very well in this picture, but it’s between the middle one and the one on the left. You can barely see the reddish leaves poking up by the porch. I need to mulch these ones, too. It looks a lot better than it did, though. Oh, and to the right of the trellis is the Snap Dragon that came back this year.

Before & After

It’s actually quite interesting to see just how much the rose bushes have leafed out in two weeks! I know that a couple of them already have buds so they should be blooming soon!

The other garden area that I was able to clean up was the little one outside my bedroom window. This is the area where I want to put the Mary statue that I purchased a few weeks ago.

Bedroom Roses 5-23-19

I did manage to mulch this flower bed. I think that I need three more bags of regular mulch in order to finish tidying up these beds.

The bird seed area hasn’t been touched, yet. I will need an entire Saturday morning to get that done. I need to pull up everything that is there and then lay down new landscaping fabric. I would like to cover it in little stones so that the birds can’t throw them around, but I don’t want Jay hitting them with the mower. So I will probably end up using the pine bark nuggets again.

All of that gardening gave me three big garbage containers of yard waste to put out with the garbage this week. Can you imagine using all of them and still needing more?

Oh, and I seriously have run out of room for roses. I honestly don’t know where I would stick another one. My boss and coworker were asking me how many rose bushes do I have and I was a bit embarrassed when I counted them up. I think that I have a problem. The total currently stands at 16.

I told Jay that when we move I am digging up almost all of them to take with us. After all, I know how much of the previous owner’s plants I removed. It would break my heart to leave the rose bushes here and then drive by and see that they were all gone. I just hope that we move in the spring or summer. It will be a bit difficult to transplant them in winter.

While I was out ‘playing in the dirt’ (as I call my gardening) I heard Jay busy in the back yard. On one of my trips to the shed I saw this:

Floor Frame 5-18-19

“Yes, Sweetie, there will be room for everybody to sit at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, but I don’t think it will fit in the dining room.”

This is what happens when you measure once, cut twice.

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