Hard-to-Finish Projects

I have to admit that I’ve had a few projects on my finishing table that I’ve had absolutely no motivation to work on. Probably because they don’t involve yarn, fabric, or flowers. *sigh*

Do you remember these:

Paper Plate Holder 4-1-19

Cord Organizer 4-1-19

I have made a tiny bit of progress on them. The dumb thing is that I would like to start using them… but I can’t until they are finished. You would think that would be enough motivation for me. Nope.

Kerry Asleep

Yes, I was actually sleeping!


Here’s where these projects stand as of today:

Paper Plate Holder 5-16-19

This one needs two more coats of poly and it should be done.

Cord Organizer 5-16-19

This one has been primed. Now it needs a final coat of paint.

Speaking of paint, guess what else I picked up?

Mary Statue

I decided that since we’re Catholic we need a Mary statue in one of my gardens. I think I’m just going to paint her gray and then age her a little bit. After all, I’m not good at painting eyes. They either look psycho or some other kind of mentally unstable.

I’ve been working on this guy for two years:

Civil War Soldier and Fat Cat Statues

I just can’t seem to get him right! Oh, and then there’s the fat cat that I have to paint, too. That is, when I’m bored and have nothing else to do. lol

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