Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!

Recently I’ve been on a bender. Every time I go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army I make a bee-line for the linens. It seems to be my never-ending quest to find the really nice sets of flannel or fleece sheets so that I can make blankets.

Sheet for Blankets

I use the flannel to make receiving blankets for my Dresses for Missions ministry at church. The blankets are included in the Baby Boxes that are given out at parenting programs in Haiti. Not only does this give the newborn a safe place to be placed, but the program also includes diapers, receiving blankets, hats, and other baby necessities. The receiving blankets that I’ve been making will be placed in those boxes.

One reason why I’ve been doing more of these lately is that they are quick and easy to make. They don’t all have to be the same size, either. I try to make them large enough to be really functional (around 36″ x 40″ or so), but I try not to make them any smaller than the receiving blankets that can be purchased in the store.

On my last trip to Goodwill I found a twin and a full sized sheet. I washed them, cut them into various sizes, and rounded the corners. Then I sat down to serge the edges. That’s the easiest way to finish them:

Finished Blankets 5-13-19

Some might not think that the serged edges look nice. Yet, at Goodwill I bought a blanket that I thought somebody else had made and yet when I looked it had a major manufacturer’s tag on it. After seeing that I no longer feel like I’m slacking off by only serging the edges. I was happily serging along last night when I ran out of thread on one of my bottom loopers (of course!).

Empty Thread 5-13-19

I pulled out the box where I have quite a few cones of thread… but I don’t have any white left! I have lots of black, some red, one off-white, and a pink cone. But no white! *sigh* I guess that I will be running to Wal-Mart sooner than expected. (That will make the birds happy because I need more bird seed, too.)

Once I get more thread I can finish up the remaining blankets that I had cut to size.

Unfinished Blankets 5-13-19

Earlier I had mentioned that I’ve been buying fleece sheets, too. When I was looking at the Amazon Wish List for the local cat shelter I noticed that they had fleece blankets listed. It hit me that I could easily make those instead of buying the pricey brand new ones. After all, these will just get covered in cat hair and other things. For less than $10 I managed to purchase these at Goodwill:

Fleece Sheets

I’m not sure how many blankets I can get out of them, but I know that I managed to get 12 decent sized blankets out of an extra set of king size fleece sheets that I had in my linen closet. I really only need two sets of fleece sheets, and I could really use the extra room in the closet. These were dropped off last week.

Fleece Blankets for Cat Shelter

Again, they are just for cats so I didn’t really care how the edges looked. I left the hems and serged around the edges that I had cut. Being able to get so many items completed in such a short amount of time really gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

The biggest down side to all of this is that I am now seeing visions of an over-flowing cart when I head to the Goodwill-by-the-pound this summer with my sister.

Thrift Shop

Jay will not be impressed.

At least it’s not yarn!

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1 Response to Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    oooh…. I love some of the prints you found! Lovely!
    And yay for feeling productive! It’s such a great (and fleeting) feeling! lol : )

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