Real Life – 5-10-19

Do you need a pick-me-up? Do you feel like you never make any progress on any of your projects, but people all over social media are somehow able to get their projects completed perfectly? Well, I’m here to make you feel better about yourself! We must all try to keep perspective. Yes, on my blog it appears as if I am very efficient and manage to get a ton of stuff done. However, let me show you what I am letting fall to the wayside in order to work on those projects.

It is the beginning of May and I have yet to even start to work in my flower gardens. Every morning when I walk out to my car I see this:

Fence Garden 5-9-19

You can’t tell where the lawn ends and the flower bed starts.

Fence Garden Weeds 5-9-19

Look at all of the vegetation that needs to be pulled.

More Garden Weeds 5-9-19

Not to mention that I really need to get out there and do some trimming on the rose bushes. Oh, and the burning bush needs a haircut, too.

Burning Bush 5-9-19

Look at all of those spikes! *sigh*

And those aren’t the only gardens that need tending. I have to figure out what I’m going to do in this area this year:

Back Deck 5-9-19

I have no idea where I’m planting any of my vegetables this year. I know the cucumbers didn’t really care for where they were placed last year, so I need to move them somewhere else. *sigh* I just don’t know where.

As I walk around the front of the house I take stock of my corner rose garden. Everybody is in bad need of a trim, but then I look and it appears that one of my rose bushes died.

Rose Bush Lives 5-9-19

Or did it? I see a little bit of growth down near the bottom. *sigh* I guess I will be trying to nurse this one back to health. I really am not good with roses! At least, not the hybrid tea roses. They are so delicate.

My other roses seem to be doing okay, but they need attention, too.

Porch Roses 5-9-19

The bird bath will go in this garden once it’s been fixed, but I have no idea what else I’m going to do with this area. As you can see, I need to clean out all of the dead leaves that blew there this fall.

Plus, I have to do something with my bird feeder area because it’s looking horrid.

Bird Feeder Area 5-9-19

The landscaping fabric has started to flop in the wind because the birds scatter the pine bark nuggets that I use under there when they look for seed. If I leave it with just dirt then I’m constantly weeding it. I don’t want to put a border around it because then it is more difficult for Jay to mow. Oh!! And this is still happening:

Bird Feeder Poop 5-9-19

POOP!!! I think it’s from the possum. I chased it out of there Saturday morning, but Jay wishes that I would get dressed first before running out on the porch yelling at the possum to get out of my bird feeder. He also thinks that I should use something other than the Swiffer to chase it out, too.

Now that I have bared all of my unkempt gardens, do you feel better about yourself? Or at least feel that maybe you’re not the only one falling behind on the yard work? If that hasn’t made you feel better, let me try one more thing…

I have been trying to clean up my office for over a year now. Just when I think I’m making progress, I get behind again. I have a TON of paperwork that I need to shred. This is the sight that greets me:

Office 5-9-19

And that is an improvement compared to how it looked two weeks ago! I have two and a half garbage bags of shredded paper that need to go up to my dad for use in the barn.

I hope that helps you out today. Whenever you need to feel better about yourself just come back to this blog post and be glad that these areas aren’t screaming for your attention. You’re welcome!

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