Jewelry Armoire Update – 3-15-19

In my previous post regarding this project I was a little grumpy. So after I was finished writing the post I sent myself to bed. True story. (I’ve put myself in time-out before, too)

Kerry Asleep

As promised, I did work on it over the weekend, but got grumpy about it again. *sigh*

It’s not so much the cabinet itself that makes me grumpy. It’s the fact that I have giant hands and can’t comfortably sand or stain the shelves (or in between them). I have banged my hands all up just trying to get it decent.

Finally, though, the sanding was finished!

Jewelry Armoire Sanded 3-14-19

I know that you can’t tell, but it is prepped and ready for stain.

Jewelry Armoire Side Sanded 3-14-19

It was as good as it was going to get.

Out came the gloves and the can of stain.

Jewelry Armoire Stained 3-14-19

I’ll admit that I wasn’t overly concerned with the bottom of the shelves. Technically very few people should see them. Also, please refer to my note above regarding my giant man hands and the limited space in which I had to work.

Jewelry Armoire Side Stained 3-14-19

I think that it looks good. The layers of polyurethane will enhance it and improve the look. So in the end it will be beautiful.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at my next finishing project:

Dog Clock 1 Sanded

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