Dresses for Missions – #40

I did something unusual and shared a progress picture last week.

Dress #40 In Progress

Were you able to picture it in your mind? I know that my mom did, but for the rest of us who are challenged in this aspect:

Dress #40 3-16-19

I was a little worried that the orange would be TOO orange, but it actually goes quite nicely! I probably should have used a dark pink for the straps, but this purple kind of goes, too.

Dress #40 - Hem

I added the typical lace at the bottom, but I didn’t gather the ruffle like I have previously. Mostly because I had already started to pin the ruffle to the body of the dress when I realized that I hadn’t run any basting stitches. I could have unpinned it at that point and basted it, but I didn’t want to. So I did a rough gathering-fold with my fingers. I think it turned out okay.

Dress #40 -Neck

I’ve had this embroidered daisy ribbon for a while and felt that it would look good on this dress. Just a little something to dress it up a bit. They kind of get lost, but I like how it brings out the yellow in the rest of the dress when you look at it up close.

What do you think?

I’m still on track to make one dress a month! I’ve managed to catch up!

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