Review: Grizzly G0777 Dust Collector

Grizzly G0777 Dust Collector

Now that we’ve had the Grizzly G0777 dust collector for about a year I thought it was time to write a review.

First off, I would like to note that I was the one who did all of the research to figure out what dust collector to purchase as a Christmas gift for Jay. Even though it was quite pricey, I decided to go with the G0777 because it is advertised as “Ultra Quiet” with a sound rating of 70-72 dB. This was very important to me since Jay’s workshop is in our basement and there is zero insulation in the floor. I didn’t want the cats thinking that the world was falling apart every time the dust collector was in use.

If you’re curious, here are the specs on this dust collector (taken directly from Grizzly’s site):

  • Motor: 1.5HP, 110V/220V*, single-phase, TEFC, prewired 110V
  • Airflow capacity: 880 CFM at 1.9″ SP
  • Maximum static pressure: 9″
  • Filtration: 99.9% at 0.2-2 microns
  • Intake port: 6″
  • Cartridge filter surface area: 48 sq. ft.
  • Sound rating: 70-72 dB
  • Overall size: 44″W x 72-1/2″H x 34″D
  • Approximate shipping weight: 210 lb.

I did not opt for the HEPA filtration model as I knew there would still be dust in the basement, so extra-fine filtration in the dust collector would be a bit of a waste.

When I asked Jay what he would rate this dust collector he said, “4.75 out of 5 stars.”  Nothing is perfect, but this is pretty good. He loves that it’s just the right size for his workshop in regards to capacity and power of the collector.

Dust Collecter Rearranged

A cyclone collector is definitely the way to go. One of the downsides is that the piping and fittings are expensive. So even though it’s not recommended, Jay used PVC piping and it works good. He has both custom made and stock slide gates that help to keep the air flow contained where he needs it.

It works great for most of his tools. With any kind of dust collector you will always have some kind of residual saw dust just because of the nature of the tools (table saw, band saw, etc). With the correct placement of ports, though, you can keep the loose dust to a minimum. The table saw is always going to be the worst culprit, as you can see from the picture of his shop.

work shop 1-18-19

With that being said, this picture was taken after a LOT of projects had been worked on and there had been no cleaning done at all for a few months. It took him a year to fill up the bin:

One Year of Dust Collecting

The only thing that Jay would change about this machine would be the length of the cyclone where it meets up with the collection bin. It’s just a tad too long and makes changing the collection bin bag just a tad bit challenging. Not enough to put him off of the whole thing, but he’s glad that he doesn’t have to change it more often.

Jay loves the remote control (it gets used constantly), the casters make it easy to move, and it has great suckage for what he needs.

The only “complaint” that he has is that it’s louder than the 72dB that Grizzly claims. However, we have it in the basement so if you had it in a larger, more open, shop you would probably barely hear it.

As for me, I think that it was well worth the price I paid. I can be upstairs and I know that it’s running only because I can hear a low rumble. I recorded a video on my  phone when I was on the 1st floor, about 20′ away from where the dust collector sits, and the phone never picked up the noise of it. You can’t even hear it on the video! In fact, Bob was whining in the background of the video and can be heard perfectly.

Conclusion: Highly Recommend! Would definitely encourage a person to seriously consider this dust collector if they were shopping for one.

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