Dresses for Missions – #39

Dress #39

Dress #39 2-20-19

It’s been a few months since I’ve made a dress… I know!

I was actually motivated to make this dress after receiving the fabric for the ruffle:

dress ruffle fabric 1-13-19

This past fall after I gave my talk about this ministry in church I had a few church friends who gave me money to purchase more materials. Right after Christmas I was at Hobby Lobby and found the purple rainbow fabric for $2 a yard, so I used the money given to me to get a few yards. I think it was a pretty good purchase!

Dress #39 Neck Lace

I used the last piece of iridescent lace that I had in my stash for the top decoration. I figure that if you have rainbows on your dress you definitely need some iridescence. Am I right? Yes. For sure.

Dress #39 Hem Lace

I then used the last length of purple lace in my stash for the hem. Actually, I was sweating a little bit because I didn’t think that I had enough purple lace. I thought that I might come up about an inch or so short. Luckily as I stitched and laid it properly along the material I had just enough!

I have more of this rainbow fabric, so I’ll have to figure out how to make it look a little different in the next go round. My goal this year is to make one dress a month. Obviously I’m already behind, so I have one more to make in order to catch up. I think that if I try really hard I will be able to do it.

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