Atlanta Trip – 2018

Did you think I had become bored with my own blog? Nope, I didn’t. What happened is I had a LOT to do before I left on a week long trip to Atlanta. Why did I go to Atlanta? To watch the Braves play, of course! Well, mostly because Sarah asked me to go with her.

Sarah on the Ferris Wheel - 5-26-16

This is Sarah. She is a HUGE Braves fan so she and her dad used to travel to Atlanta every May to take in a few home games. Two years ago her dad had to have surgery because he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. He wasn’t well enough to travel, so I went with her. Last year, unfortunately, her dad passed away a few weeks after getting back from their Atlanta trip. I didn’t think she would want to go back this year, but she did.

It was only my second trip where I’ve flown. I’m not a world traveler and I prefer to drive when I do travel. The day we left the weather was not nice here or in Atlanta.

Airplane Departure - Atlanta

We were lucky that it cleared up by game time, but it looked a bit iffy for a bit.

The Braves have built a new stadium that is a bit north of the city. Last year was the first year that they were open so Sarah didn’t have a good lay of the land. This year when booking the hotel she decided that she wanted to stay as close as possible. That’s how we ended up at the Omni.

Outside the Stadium 1 - Atlanta

Yes, we are standing outside of the stadium and looking at our hotel. You really can’t get much closer than that. Let me show you just how far we had to walk:

Outside the Stadium 6 - Atlanta

I’m leaving this picture a little larger so that you can see a little better. On the right hand side of the picture you will notice where it says “Omni Hotel”. Right below those words are the doors where we would exit the hotel. Now, to the left you will see “Chop House Gate”. This is the gate we would use to enter the stadium. This gate is located near right field. As you can see, we had a long and arduous walk every night after the game.

There were essentially two types of rooms you could choose in the hotel. You could get a room with a view:

View from Sarah's Room - Atlanta

(The view from Sarah’s room)

Or you could get the room without the view:

View from My Room View 3 - Atlanta

(The view from my room)

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what the difference in rates were between these two rooms as Sarah paid for mine, but I do know it was significant. Though Sarah said it was completely worth it. She barely watched TV when she was in her room because she was too busy observing the happenings in the stadium.

To be completely fair, though, my view wasn’t that bad. After all, I could see downtown Atlanta:

View from My Room - Atlanta

Sure, you had to look past the immediate buildings, but it’s there! I could also see the new stadium that was just built for the Falcons:

View From my Room View 2 - Atlanta

To say that this was a nice hotel is an understatement. I mean, there was valet parking!

The rooms were equipped with very nice TVs and a Keurig (instead of a coffee pot):

My Room 1 - Atlanta

My room had two queen beds:

My Room 2 - Atlanta

And a shower that looked amazing:

My Room 3 - Atlanta

Mind you, it looked amazing. It was actually a failure in practicality. After every shower I would have to clean up the water that splashed on and over the threshold (by way of the 1/2″ gap between the door and the threshold) and then I would have to clean up the drops of water that had managed to go over the top of the glass door while washing my hair. Those water droplets reached to the toilet every time.

My Room 4 - Atlanta

This was probably a range of 3-4′. There was one other thing that annoyed me about the bathroom. The door:

My Room 6 - Atlanta

Can you see what type of door? It’s a barn door style with a very greased sliding mechanism. Which means I pinched my fingers a few times.

My Room 5 - Atlanta

Now, perhaps it’s because I grew up on a farm and used actual barn doors, but this style does NOT appeal to me in the least! I would rather have a pocket door than a barn door if you are worried about space for a hinged door. Having that bulk hanging on your wall, plus the fact that you can’t really hang anything on that wall, just annoys me. But that’s just me! If you love this look, then that’s great.

There was one other thing about this hotel that I found to be the most interesting. As we were standing in Sarah’s room looking out over the stadium I glanced up and saw this:

Hercules Airplane - Atlanta

That is a big plane! The stadium is very close to Dobbins AF base, so this is probably a common sight to those who live around there. I was more intrigued with that plane than with the stadium. How sad is that!

I have a lot more pictures to share with you, but I think this is enough for now. Keep an eye out for more Atlanta posts.

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