Workshop Rearranging – Again

You would think that a person can only rearrange their workshop so many times. Of course, just as you think you have everything situated another machine comes into the house and room has to be made.

That’s what happened recently in our house. This arrived:

New Milling Machine

This is the milling machine that Jay has been drooling over since before Thanksgiving. If I hadn’t already ordered the dust collector then he probably would have received this for Christmas. Instead he had to wait to order it as an early birthday present. The poor guy!


He’s so neglected and abused!

I didn’t realize how serious the rearranging was going to be until I walked downstairs and found this:

Sump Pump

This was sitting out in the main part of the basement. It’s our sump pump that has never been hooked up because the idiot who added on the addition placed the sump pump in the highest spot of the basement. Remember, this is the same guy who put metal roofing on a shed SIDEWAYS.

Shed Area - 6-4-16

Anyway, when I turned the corner into the smaller workshop I ran into this:

Small Workshop 1

The lathe was gone. Not completely, but it was moved.

Old Bench - Small Workshop

Jay didn’t like the workbench that was there because it was too big and bulky. When we had looked at the house there was actually a rabbit hutch/cage sitting on it. Jay decided the bench was coming out and he would build something that would better suit his needs. Don’t you feel so bad for him? The poor guy… stuck with a bulky bench.

Small Tools Bench

The bulky bench had previously held the disc sander and the Uppie-Downy sander, too. I believe that he had the band saw sitting on the bench while the drill press was actually on a stand next to the bench. Either way, these three were moved out by the dust collector so that they can get connected to it, too.

3D Printed Connections

More 3D printed accessories. Although, I’ve been told that there’s another design for this part of the dust collecting system in the works.

New Small Workshop

And here is the new bench!

New Bench - Small Workshop

It’s a big improvement over the old one. This smaller bench makes the room feel more spacious, too. Which is weird because it’s not that much smaller.

Finally, I want to leave you with a warning that I know Jay will ignore:

Eye Protection Warning

… especially when operating screwdrivers and hammers.

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