Autumn Cross Finished!

At the beginning of December I showed you that I had finished all of the regular stitching on the cross:

Autumn Cross 12-2-17

One month later, on January 5th, I had finished the background words:

Autumn Cross 1-5-18

Now all I had left to do was the back-stitching on the cross and butterfly.

The final stitch was placed on the cross on January 22nd:

Autumn Cross 1-22-18

It took just under 13 months to finish this one! I started it December 26th, 2017 and finished it January 22, 2018. This is the fastest that I’ve stitched one of these crosses!

I received a few gift cards to Hobby Lobby for Christmas, so I used one of them to get the frame and mats. Please ignore the reflection.

Autumn Cross Framed 2-3-18

I went with the green mat because I felt that this piece already had more than enough orange, yellow and red in it. I didn’t want to highlight them even more. As it was I found a golden-ish frame that I felt worked really well for this piece. I always like to add just a second mat in a different color in order to pull out one of the lesser-represented colors in the piece. I chose a dark purple for this and I think that it works well (it’s much nicer in person):

Autumn Cross Mats 2-3-18

Only one more to stitch!

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