Homemade Christmas Gifts

Jay and I are incredibly lucky to know a lot of talented people. I showed you some of the homemade gifts that we received in a post a few days ago.

Dave's Wooden Pineapple 12-25-17

One of the gifts that we were given were some pretty hand painted glasses:

Patty's Painted Glasses 12-25-17

Our friend Patty has been taking painting classes at church and this was one of the techniques she learned. Aren’t they pretty?!

Patty's Painted Glass

I love the detail of the pine cones. Isn’t she talented?

At the quilt show this fall I found this and gave it to my mom to make me as a gift for Christmas:

 Because of the Cross

I really thought this was a beautiful rendition of the cross. This is my mom’s interpretation:

Cross Quilt Hanging 12-25-17

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I love how she quilted the radiating lines coming out from the cross. It’s even prettier up close:

Cross Quilt Hanging Sparkle

The yellow background has sparkles on it (sparkles are the best!), plus she used a fabric that has the night sky on it as the border. I think that this rendition is even prettier than the one at the quilt show with the batik fabric. I hung it in a place where I get to look at it every morning.

Wall of Crosses 1-16-18

It really dwarfs my cross stitched Winter Cross, doesn’t it?

My mom also made me a few pieces of jewelry:

Wire Wrapped Necklace 12-25-17

Butterfly Bracelet 12-25-17

Crocheted Necklace 12-25-17

Finally, I made some gifts for the guitar players in our choir. Brandon, the director, would refer to them as his elves as they put their guitars down to sing one of the acapella songs with us. Brandon would tell them that he was going to have them dress up as elves for our Epiphany concert. So I helped and made them these hats:

Elf Hats 2018

They wouldn’t wear them, though. I thought they would be cute!

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