Christmas Woodworking

In a recent post I showed you the Remote Control barns that Jay and I made for my dad and brother-in-law:

Barn Remote Holder Finished

They weren’t the only woodworking projects that we did as gifts this year. We also made a lap desk for my sister:

Droof's Lapdesk 2

Actually, Jay made it and I did the finishing on it. And if you’re wondering, ‘Droof’ and ‘Pork’ are two of my sister’s nicknames. I don’t have enough time to get into the stories behind them.

Then I gave Jay an idea for a gift that we could make for my friend, Sarah. I went to Atlanta a few years ago with her to watch her favorite team, the Braves, play a series of home games. So, we made her a suet feeder:

Atlanta Braves Suet Feeder Done

I was a bit disappointed in this because it looked different in my head.

This year we were also lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some very nice gifts, too.

Over the past few years my parents, Jay and I have given my brother-in-law, Chuk, some woodworking tools. For Christmas this year Chuk and my sister decided to make gifts for my dad and Jay, just like we’ve been doing the past several years.

Chuk's Wheelbarrow 12-25-2017

He made us little wooden wheelbarrows! They also filled them with a lot of food and beverages. They turned out really nice!

Wheelbarrow 12-25-2017

Jay and I discussed it and this spring I’m going to throw on a few layers of marine polyurethane to protect it from the elements. Then Jay will help me make it into a nice planter for our front porch. Won’t that look cute with some wave petunias growing out of it and overflowing the top? I think so, too.

The other woodworking gift that we received was from our friend, Dave.

Dave's Wooden Pineapple 12-25-17

I’m leaving the picture a little larger so that you can see the detail of the grain. Isn’t it beautiful? Once I clean my dining room table off this will go in the center. Dave always does such a good job on his projects!

I have more handmade gifts to show off, but they will go in a different post since they aren’t woodworking projects. So stay tuned!


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