Ultra Stick Project – #1

Hobby Zone Ultra Stick

This is an Ultra Stick RC Airplane. You can find this on Hobby Zone’s website for $175. The wingspan is around 50″ and overall length is just under that number. Please keep this in mind as you continue to read this post.

Now, apparently Jay has nothing left to build…

Panther Jet 10-5-15

(Still not finished)

Whizard Laser Cut Parts 2-13-16

(Still not finished)

And I know there’s at least one more airframe that has begun to be assembled. So, as you can see, Jay was completely bored and needed a new project to keep him busy. He must have been looking around online and window shopping because he happened across the Ultra Stick and remembered how much he had loved the one he had. Until he accidentally backed over it in the garage. Oops! Instead of paying for a kit or an ARF Jay has decided that he’s going to draw up his own design.

Ultra Stick - CAD Drawing 2 9-22-17

In the software he’s able draw it in various stages of assembly so that he can see exactly how everything will fit together.

Ultra Stick - Wing CAD Drawing 9-22-17

He can draw the individual pieces and make sure that it’s going to work out as he wants.

Ultra Stick - CAD Drawing 9-22-17

Then he lays out the parts in whatever size of material he is going to use so that he can then use the laser to cut out the pieces.

Ultra Stick Pieces - 9-22-17

And this is what you end up with once the laser comes to a stop: Ultra Sticks.

Ultra Stick Pieces 2 - 9-22-17

Lots of pieces. Lots.

Ultra Stick - Fuselage Fit 9-22-17

As Jay started to dry-fit the pieces he was happy to find that they were fitting perfectly.

Ultra Stick - Fuselage Perfect Fit 9-22-17

Look at how beautiful that angle fits!

Ultra Stick - Beginning Fuselage 9-22-17

As each piece was added Jay became more and more pleased with how it all was fitting together. Then I asked how big this plane was going to be when it is finished.

Ultra Stick - Fuselage Length 9-22-17

That ruler is 48″ long and is sitting at the end of the fuselage’s tail. This doesn’t include the prop or the tail actually being on the airplane. No, this is not going to be a little plane.

Ultra Stick - Fuselage Assembly 9-22-17

It continues to grow… the fuselage is coming together.

Ultra Stick - Mouse Hole 9-22-17

Jay is already thinking ahead because he has installed a door for the little mice that will be flying and riding in the airplane.

Ultra Stick - Fuselage Windows 9-22-17

He even put windows in for them! I can’t wait to see their little whiskers twitching with anticipation of their flight!

Ultra Stick - Fuselage View 9-22-17

Look at how much room they will have for their flight. They will think that it’s a Mouse-cedes Benz!

Stay tuned for the next installment…

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