Project Linus Blanket #6

After installing my sewing shelves I realized that I have a LOT of yarn.

Sewing Room - Yarn

When I was looking for yarn to make my next blanket Chester and I studied the many skeins in my shelves. It was a bit rough because just when I thought I had my color scheme I realized that one of them was in really bad shape. So I had to rethink what I was going to use. Luckily I had no shortage of choices.

Here is the result:

Project Linus Blanket #6:

Project Linus - Footprints


As I was crocheting this I couldn’t decide what it should be called. Yet, every time I was working on the variegated portions the only thing that came to mind was the poem Footprints. The tan reminded me of the sand and the blue was the water. Therefore, the blanket named itself.

Project Linus - Footprints Detail

I hope that the child who receives this blanket feels protected and comforted, just as the author of the poem does at the end.

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