Autumn Cross Update – 8-12-17

The last time I posted a picture of my progress was in May. Wow. I thought I was doing better than that! Here is what it looked like back then:

Autumn Cross 5-18-17

To show you how much pre-writing research that I do, I was shocked to find that in May I had finished the right hand side of the cross. Apparently I didn’t take any progress pictures between then and now because this is where it stood on August 3rd:

Autumn Cross 8-3-17

I managed to get all of the actual cross stitching done on the left side of the cross. I kind of like the contrast that you can see here between the parts that have been outlined and the ones that are waiting for it. On the left you can kind of make out the heads of wheat that are in the cross, but wait until they pop like the ones on the right. Before I can do the outlining, though, I need to put the background words in.

Autumn Cross 8-12-17

It only took me 10 days to get them in. Typically what happens is I get to the words and then I slack off because it’s a bit tedious. I really want to get this one done so that I can start the Spring Cross, so I had some motivation. Once the outlining is done I will add another update.

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