Sewing – More Baby Items

First off, I apologize for not having updated my blog in a while. My computer where I keep all of my pictures is not behaving so I haven’t been able to download anything lately. Out of desperation I’m using another computer to write this, but it doesn’t have adequate photo editing software (no cropping feature!!), so please excuse the less-than-neat appearance of the pictures in the next several posts.

Okay, so do you remember the post that I did when I attempted to sew a cloth diaper? And I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t sure if my attempt was a good one or not?

First Cloth Diaper - Newborn 7-16-17

Well, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the first Brandon in my life…

Brandon in Diaper

He is my anatomically correct newborn baby doll that I received for Christmas in 1988. I remember that I was in third grade and another girl in my class, Lindsay, also received a newborn baby, but hers was a girl. Anyway, my parents dragged Brandon out of the attic for me. After a little bath and some airing out he was ready to make his debut appearance on my blog.

I don’t know why people say that photographing babies is hard. I had no troubles! He sat right where I placed him and not once did I get a picture of him with his eyes closed!

Brandon in Diaper - Side

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the diaper fit him. As you can see there’s a little bit of a gap at the top, but newborns grow so quickly that this should give the little one room to grow into it. I also felt that the elastic around the legs wasn’t too loose or too restricting.

Brandon with All Diapers

I had the material so I made three more diapers.

And burp cloths.

Brandon with Burp Rags

I still had a lot of material left so I made two bibs.


The father is into hockey, so one is for him to put on his son. I was a bit worried that the clouds might be a bit too feminine, but then I reminded myself that it’s going to be spit on and drooled all over. I stopped worrying after that.

I used the same material for the back of the bibs as what I had used for the outside of the diapers. Hockey and denim, and clouds and blue stripes with dogs.

Back of Bibs

Apparently Brandon takes after his mama because he was soon trying to get back into the pictures I was taking. So, I let him model for me one more time.

Brandon in a Bib

I’m not sure if I’m done making baby things. I am finishing the diapering supplies box that we are making to go along with these gifts, so I still have a little time left. The burp cloths are super easy to make and always needed. If I get the urge perhaps I’ll make a few more of them. We’ll see…

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