Interesting Craigslist Ads

Previously on my blog I’ve shared some Craigslist postings for sewing machines that make me giggle. I’ve been told that I need to do this for non-sewing stuff so I decided to take the challenge. Just as an FYI… whenever I pull ads from Craigslist I try to protect the poster. I never include their location and I take these from all over the country. I will post the original text from the ad in regular text, and my comments will be italicized. Ready? Let’s go!


Eliptical (no picture)

The neighbors have put an elliptical machine on the sidewalk for someone to take home for Free. I’m getting tired of seeing it, so I thought I’d post it here for someone to grap.


I call that being a good neighbor! Not that he’s disgusted to see that machine there for a while and it’s making the neighborhood look trashy. Nope. He’s helping his neighbor!


Craftsman 28 degree framing nailer (2 to 3 1/2 clipped head)


I purchased this nail gun new 15 years ago.
We used it to put a fence up.
It’s been in the garage since.
We got it out to do some repair work on a deck.
It fired 2 nails and stopped shooting nails.
It sounded like it was but no nail come out.
So it’s NOT working as it should.
It may be a easy or a pain to fix, never worked on a nail gun.
We paid way to much for it not to last any better and hate to toss it.
Will trade or let go for 40 cash


This could be either a really great deal or the biggest rip-off. The tool isn’t working, you don’t know if it ever will work, but for $40 somebody else can mess with it. Shouldn’t this be under the ‘free’ category instead of ‘barter’? Wait.. I have this level that I’m not quite sure is accurate… wanna trade?


Trade one-of-a-kind jewelry


Looking to trade some or all of my high-end and one-of-a-kind jewelry for highend Vehicle, Motorhome or Real Estate.


What a deal! This guy is such a giver that instead of taking his “one-of-a-kind jewelry” to a reputable jeweler or somewhere that he could really get the kind of money that it’s worth, he is offering it up to anybody who stumbles across it on Craigslist! He’s serious! And no, you don’t just get this one piece… you could possibly get ALL of his jewelry for that $90,000 motor home that’s just been sitting behind your house.


Wheel chair


Needs a good cleaning …will consider all offers and trades..

A good cleaning?? That’s an understatement! How does it even get that dirty? The picture is a bit blurry and I wonder if that’s to hide the possible rust spots. Also, they’ll consider all offers and trades… how about if I trade you a bucket of soap and a rag because obviously you don’t own one. Let me give potential Craigslist ad posters a hint… if you clean it up BEFORE posting it you’re more likely to get more interest. It will take you all of 10 minutes and the payoff would be way better. Just sayin’…


Tiny House on wheels 21′ x8′ 13 ‘ tall

Tiny House

Hi , my name is Jesse and I have been working on my tiny home for a year off and on . Need to move to help family in Florida, and so I am selling my tiny home it has all electrical is complete … comes with new tub , toilet , sink , medicine cabinet , all light fixtures exterior and interior, log siding prestaind , two holding tank’ s ect , $12,000


I’ll admit that I don’t know this person’s situation, so I could be completely off base with this, but he’s moving to Florida and this house has wheels… Umm, isn’t that why you put it on wheels? So that it’s mobile and can be moved? I’ve seen the tiny house shows on TV and that’s what they like most about these dwellings is that if they decide to move they can with very little trouble. Perhaps the money is the motivation for selling, but if it’s just because he’s relocating… he’s doing it wrong.


1965 Crown coach fire truck

Fire Truck

1965 Crown coach extended platform fire truck. Quite a rare find. I would like to trade for land or a nice 4×4 extended or quad cab. Maybe cash and trade as well. Tell me what you got.


I had to include this because for all of my ‘window shopping’ that I’ve done on Craigslist I’ve never seen a fire truck listed. I’m trying to figure out what makes you look at this and think, “This is what I’ve been looking for! Finally I’ve found one!” What do you do with a fire truck? Well, except for using it as a big red sign post for your No Trespassing sign. If you have land or a nice pickup to trade for it… you’re going to trade it for a fire truck? I can promise you that the guy who does that is definitely NOT married.


* * * School Bus Seat * * * – $25

Bus Seat

Used school bus seat in very good condition for sale.

It has seat belts for three. It could be easily bolted down in the back of pickup truck for additional passengers!


When I saw the listing (before actually reading the ad) I was amused because at one point we had half a school bus load of bus seats to get rid of and we couldn’t give them away! So, this guy is really being optimistic that he’s going to be able to sell it for $25. Although, it’s in good condition so the chewed gum stuck underneath is really helping to hold it all together. When I got to his second line my eyebrows spiked up and off of my forehead. Bolt it down in the back of a truck for passengers???!! Call me silly, but I would think that is HIGHLY illegal in most states. However, it DOES have seat belts, so maybe it’s not as illegal as I thought. I don’t think I would be riding in the back of that truck, though.


4 Ft X 4 Ft Handmade Mermaid Paper Flower Wall – $120

Mermaid Wall

4 Ft x 4 Ft Handmade Paper Flower Wall – folds in half for easy transport


I left the picture fairly large so that you can appreciate the beauty of this paper flower wall. And this isn’t just any old flower paper wall… no, this is a MERMAID flower paper wall! Who hasn’t thought to themself, “You know, the decor in this house is missing something. I just don’t know what it could be.” Then they see this and the light bulb goes off. Yes! A 4×4′ wall of paper flowers. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also easy to transport!! It folds in half! What innovation! Picture this, you’re packing to go on vacation, but you feel despondent because you won’t be able to see your beautiful paper flower wall for a week. There is no reason to despair! Just fold it in half and away you go! Easy as pie! And for only $120 this could all be yours!



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