A Quilt Rack for Babe

Babe, Droof and IThis is my mom. My sister and I call her Babe. Last year when Babe and I went to the quilt show  she saw a quilt rack that she really liked. I took a picture of it so that I could reference it later. This year for her birthday I asked Jay if he could make her a quilt rack that looked similar, but had much bigger dimensions. My mom makes a lot of quilts and sometimes runs out of room for all of them. At Christmas she had stacked four or five of them on the dogs’ crates just to put them somewhere. I thought that if she had a quilt rack she could either use it to display her already made quilts, or even to hold some of the quilts that she has in process.

rungsIn my last post I teased the above picture. Since Babe reads my blog I didn’t want her to easily guess what we were making before I had a chance to give it to her. Last weekend I made a trip to deliver it.

babes-quilt-rack-frontWhat do you think?

I told Jay that it had to be sturdy enough that it could handle a lot of weight on it. She has a long arm quilter that easily handles king-sized quilts, so she needs a quilt rack to go along with it.

babes-quilt-rack-sideThis picture is a little wonky, but I was up against a wall trying to take it. You can see that it doesn’t stick out too far. I didn’t want it to take up too much room or be something that you would trip over. I can’t recall how tall it is… around 6′ I think.

babes-quilt-rack-filledOnce we had the quilt rack in place it didn’t take long to fill. The bottom three are queen size (I think!) and the top one is a king. These are all scrap quilts.

Babe's Treadle Singer MachineThey are sewn together on Babe’s favorite machine, which is a treadle machine. This is in the living room so it doesn’t make a lot of noise when my dad’s watching TV (in case you’re wondering, we call him ‘Father’, not ‘dad’ or anything like that).

Babe's Long Arm QuilterThen she uses her long arm quilter to do all of the quilting.

Babe's Quilt made with TreadelHere’s another quilt that she made.

As you can see, the quilt rack definitely won’t go unused! I just hope that she really likes it. Jay enjoyed designing and constructing it, and I had the pleasure of making her a gift instead of just buying it. It was either the quilt rack or a macaroni necklace. Hopefully I chose correctly!

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1 Response to A Quilt Rack for Babe

  1. Babe says:

    Bear, I looooove my rack.

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