Dave’s Bag

dave-pThis is Dave.

Dave sits behind me in choir.

Dave had a hard time keeping his music organized.

My gift to Dave this Christmas was to organize his music into binders and page protectors. He loved it, but now he has a lot more to carry to practice. He said that I had to make a bag for him. So I did (eventually).

daves-bagI used duck cloth for the bottom to make it sturdy. I looked around my sewing room for the manliest material that I own. I had some Star Trek material left over, but decided that I wanted to save that just in case Jay needs something made.

daves-bag-insideThis isn’t the best, but it will work. My problem is that I jump into a project without thinking it all the way through. I guess that I need to watch my bag-making class again that I bought at Craftsy. That would probably be a good thing.

daves-bag-frontHopefully Dave will like it and it will fit all of his music. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Oh well. It was just enjoyable being able to spend some time in my sewing room again. I’ve missed it so much! A full time job really gets in the way of fun!

Also, here’s a sneak-peek at another project I’ve been working on:


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