Workshop Happenings – AT-AT and Chairs

wreath-stand-prepping-for-hardwareIf you’ve read my blog then you know that Jay hasn’t been spending too much time playing with the planes or trains (or automobiles). Instead he’s been spending a lot of time building things out of old pews and pine wood. He helped a coworker build an aquarium stand a few weeks ago. What else has he been doing?

led-basement-lightsWe had florescent lights in the basement that were really starting to annoy us. I prefer the light from LEDs, and Jay has quite a few rolls of LED lights so he decided to turn the florescent fixtures into LED fixtures. I like it a LOT better down there because it seems to be a lot brighter and you don’t have the humming or flickering of the bulbs.

led-basement-light-wiringAs you can kind of see in this picture he just stuck the strips of lights to the fixture, used some jumper wires to tie them together, and then did whatever he had to do to put power to them. He did have to remove the side flares on the fixtures so that the light can spread out more, but that’s about all of the modification the fixture needed.

I told Jay that I didn’t want him to buy me anything for Valentine’s Day. I don’t need candy, the card just gets thrown away and I end up cleaning the flower-infused puke piles off of the floor after the cats have chewed on them. The guys at work were giving him a hard time, telling him that I didn’t really mean it. Well, yes, I did. However, instead of buying me anything he made me this:

wooden-conversation-heartIt’s a wooden conversation heart!! Just as sweet, but won’t go to your hips!

Then in a recent issue of a magazine that we subscribe to Jay saw plans for some deck chairs. He wanted to see if he could build one and how it would turn out.

fire-pit-chair-2-21-17He did a great job! He quickly built a second chair with plans for two more. We will put these out by our fire pit area in the summer (once I get it fixed!).

side-of-fire-pit-chair-2-21-17These are really comfy. They are almost better than Adirondack chairs because it doesn’t take as much ‘oomph’ to get out of them. I just have to stain and finish them, then get some nice cushions.

What else has Jay been building?

at-at-planter-2-21-17An AT-AT planter! No, this one isn’t wearing Crocs.

For Christmas I bought an AT-AT rocking horse pattern with the idea that Jay could use the basic plans to build whatever he wanted with them. My thought was a couple of flower pot holders for the front porch. Won’t these be cute standing on the front porch??

at-at-fogged-out-2-21-17Uh-oh… the fog is rolling in.

at-at-in-fog-2-21-17Apparently it’s time to head in before things get too scary.

Great job, Jay!


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