Cross Stitched Ornaments – 2016

After I had finished the Summer Cross project I decided that I was going to work on Christmas ornaments before starting my next Cross. I figured that I could get quite a few finished. Ha! Right! This is the number that I found time to stitch:

peace-grace-love-stitchedYep. Only three. *sigh*

To be fair, shortly after I decided to do this my coworker left for another job so I ended up going in early most of the time. Since most of my cross stitching time is in the morning before work this severely curtailed my time for stitching.

I did find a Britty Kitty ornament that I had started, so I just had to finish stitching it:


Then as I was digging through a tote looking for something else I came across these:


Usually I finish my ornaments by sewing them together, but this time I decided to try my hand at a non-sewn finish. Using tutorials found on The Twisted Stitcher’s website, this is what I came up with:


My Mom’s ‘Love’ Ornament:


Karen’s ‘Grace’ Ornament:


Aunt Kim’s ‘Peace’ Ornament:


Marilyn’s Britty Kitty Ornament:


My friend Chrissy’s Snowman Ornament:


And Grandma Lee’s bookmarker:


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