Cross Stitch Ornaments – NSM

grace-treen-9-10-16After framing my Summer Cross I decided that I wanted to work on something a little smaller. Also, I wanted to treat myself to using silk floss. I love cross stitching with silk as it just glides through the fabric.

This is the Grace Tree by M Designs. You can find her Etsy shop here.

This was originally designed as an ornament (I think). They stitch up quickly and work great with variegated floss. This is just a generic purple variegated silk floss that I used for this piece.


grace-treeApparently this floss is my go-to color for this tree, as you can tell from the one that I made in 2005.

I always use purple because that’s the color that I associate with Grace due to my friend, Sarah. Her middle name starts with a ‘G’, but she always says, “The ‘G’ doesn’t stand for Grace!” and her favorite color is purple. I guess that it’s just meant to be!

I am currently working on the Love tree, but I found a few more that I’ve made in the past…



peace-tree-with-beadsThis is the Peace Tree that I stiched in 2007. I’m trying to recall what color this floss was called, but I can’t recall right now. I know that I bought a few spools of it. This floss is no longer produced. It is a Hand-Dyed Fibers floss by Vikkie Clayton. Her floss and service were tremendous, but unfortunately she no longer dyes silk floss.




joy-tree-ornamentThe other one that I’ve stitched is the Joy Tree. This one was on my fridge for a while, but my mother-in-law loved it so I finished it off and gave it to her as a gift.

I’m hoping that these don’t take too long to stitch up. Besides the Grace and Love tree I will again stitch the Peace and Joy trees. This time I have different colors to stitch them in.


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