How To Cut Carpeting… The Unprofessional Way!

*Disclaimer – The following pictures are absolutely true and not photo-shopped. The story is true though the words are my own. This actually happened in front of my parents’ house and I was there to witness it. They live out in the country where even the Amish were riding by in their buggies wondering what these guys were doing!*

Laying Carpet Step 1Step 1

Pull your car out into the road to block off one lane of traffic. Place the carpet pile-side down on the road so that the carpet fibers are being mashed into the tar and dirt. The backing should now be facing up.


Laying Carpet Step 2Step 2

Using a measuring tape, place predetermined measurements along the back with a black magic marker.



Laying Carpet Step 3Step 3

Using a utility knife and a flexible straight-edge, make your cuts according to the measurements that you marked in Step 2. Be sure to walk all over the carpet in order to more firmly press the fibers into the dirt and tar of the road.


Laying Carpet Step 4Step 4

Now mark your measurements going the other way. Placing your entire weight on the carpet and crawling all over it is a good test of its durability. It will give the brand new carpet that ‘Shabby chic’ look that you want.


Laying Carpet Step 5Step 5

After all cuts are made, roll up the excess carpet. You may want to save this for future use.


Laying Carpet Step 6Step 6

Before you roll up the rest of the carpet consult your blueprint to make sure that you made the cuts in the right places. It is better if you stand on the carpet so that you can get a better view of your work.





Laying Carpet Step 7Step 7

To make the carpet easier to carry back into the house, flip it over so that it’s now pile-side up and the backing is on the dirty road. Now roll it width-wise… so that instead of carrying a heavier, but shorter, piece of carpet you have a very long piece that is a bit lighter.



Laying Carpet Step 8Step 8

With your buddy’s help, carry the carpet into the house. Make sure not to topple the stack of tires as you pass by. Also, just ignore the dirt mark on the backing… you won’t see it once the carpet is installed.




With these helpful instructions in hand you, too, can be well on your way to cutting your own carpeting!

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