Working On A Train Gang…

Train Layout - Industry - 7-7-16Summer has been busy. We’ve had our front porch fixed and replaced our shed.

Despite those projects (plus others that I’ll blog about later) Jay has managed to fit in some time here and there to work on the train layout. He has been busy prepping the layout for some actual scenery.


Train Layout - Plaster Embankment - 8-28-16Around the raised portions of track he has started to place embankments. It will look like a mountain was dug out in order to lay the track. To do this he first used cardboard strips to build a framework that he could then lay plaster strips. Once all of the plaster was dry he went back with a sloppy mud to fill in the cracks and holes.


Train Layout - Church Area Embankment - 8-28-16As you head out of the city area the track begins to rise on a earthy incline. This will be covered with shrubberies. So if you ever run into the Knights Who Say Ni you know where to go!


Train Layout - Church Area Tunnel - 8-28-16We even have the beginnings of a tunnel for the cars to drive through. This is a good picture to show you how the embankment looked before Jay painted it brown.



Train Layout - Church Area - 8-30-16Also, please note that the church now has the steeple and roof in place.

I still need to find some pictures of stained glass windows to print onto clear film, cut out, and place in the windows of the church.


Train Layout - Airstrip Embankment - 8-28-16Over by the airstrip we have a rocky façade being built. There are some really neat tutorials about how to use yellow, brown and black paint to make these rocks look real.



Train Layout - Rock Quary - 8-28-16Luckily we have a local quarry that is able to supply all of the rocks that we could want.

You have to admire how organized this quarry appears to be.




Train Layout - Plaster Rocks - 8-28-16They’ve even set aside the smaller rocks for easier sorting. Wasn’t that nice of them!





Train Layout - Rock Quarry Tools - 8-28-16But wait… what’s this?

Perhaps if we’ve been good we can see what will be done with this stuff.




Train Layout - Making Rocks 1Why, I do believe that it’s Duncan Hotstuff here to whip up one of his moist cakes!

Always be sure to correctly measure out your ingredients. If it’s too wet the cake edges will burn while you’re trying to get the inside to bake. Too dry and you think you’re eating gluten free cake!

Train Layout - Making Rocks 2Be sure to mix your batter for the exact time specified on the package. You want just the right amount of air beaten into the batter. And always be sure to use only the finest equipment with the correct attachment. Duncan Hotstuff verified that he was using the batter beater during this step.


Train Layout - Making Rocks 3Properly prepare your pans. If they aren’t prepared correctly then you’ll make a mess when you attempt to remove the cake from the pan. Done perfectly the cake will slide right out without any issues.


Train Layout - Making Rocks 4Once you have filled your cake pan be sure to gently tap and wiggle it to even out the batter. You don’t want lopsided cakes!





Train Layout - Making Rocks 5Then it’s into the oven! Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. You will have to adjust this time if you’re located at higher altitudes… like if you’re baking a cake in your private jet as you’re flying across country.



Train Layout - Making Rocks 6Allow your cake to cool in the pan for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the cake and place on a rack to continue cooling.

That’s all there is to it!




Train Layout - 3D Printed Signal Lights - 8-30-16The other thing that Jay has started to work on are the signal lights along the track. He designed and printed out his own housings. There will be three lights in each of these pieces.



Train Layout - 3D Printed Signal Lights Perspective - 8-30-16Yep. Three lights.

In this tiny housing.

*Warning- parts may be harmful if swallowed. Keep away from small children and pets. If swallowed… don’t worry, this too shall pass….*




Train Layout - 3D Printed Signal Lights - LED - 8-30-16This is just one of the LEDs that will be wired and placed in the signal housings above. This looks tiny, but did you know that they are now making resistors that can fit on the tip of a pencil! Don’t sneeze or it will be gone!


Train Layout - Airstrip Embankment - 8-30-16So that’s the progress so far. Jay had his gall bladder removed yesterday so he’s at home recuperating. Luckily for a lot of this stuff (writing signal light code, drawing housings and making rocks) doesn’t require a lot of movement so he’s able to keep busy. By the end of two weeks I should have more updates to share!

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  1. Dave says:

    “Knights Who Say Ni”, to that I say run away, run away… Love the blog!

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