Happy National Sewing Month!

Babe's Main Sewing RoomCan you believe that it’s September??! YIKES! Where did my summer go?

September is National Sewing Month. If you were following my blog last year then you know that I wrote a sewing-related post each day. It was a lot of work! This year I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a post every day or just try to post three or four sewing-related posts per week.

Since this is the start of National Sewing Month I thought that I would share some of the sewing goals that I have for the rest of 2016. Will I actually accomplish them? More than likely not, but if you don’t have goals then you have nothing to work towards. These are in no particular order…


I have purchased the Sewing Bras; Construction & Fit class on Craftsy. I have watched it a few times and Beverly Johnson is a very entertaining instructor. She makes you think that you actually can make your own bra! Being a gifted woman in that department I often dream of wearing a bra that is actually comfortable AND supportive. If I would get my butt in gear then perhaps I could make my own! This year I would like to start the process of making a bra that would actually do its job. Ms. Johnson has other bra sewing classes that you can then add to this so that you can make prettier and more fashionable bras once you have your basic pattern all set.


Another class that I’ve purchased is Sewing with Knits with Meg McElwee. Meg is a laid-back and low-energy kind of instructor, but she has a lot of knowledge and makes sewing with knits look easy. I would love to make my own tops or dresses using the information that I’ve learned from this class.



The very first class I ever purchased on Craftsy was Making Leather Bags with Don Morin. I love carrying a leather purse, but I don’t like paying the prices that they ask for them in the store. Plus, I’m very picky about what I’m looking for in a purse. I thought that this class would enable me to make my own and customize it. I have watched this class multiple times, although I’m still a bit intimidated to actually try sewing leather. This class, though, has encouraged me to not only make my own purse (at some point in the future), but I’m also going to attempt to make my own gardening gloves. I can use the knowledge that I’ve gained in this class regarding sewing with leather to design and possibly construct a gardening glove that meets all of my criteria. It’s my hope that once the weather turns icky I might actually have time to sit and play with this idea.



Finally, one of the last goals that I have in mind is somewhat related to the Fitting Solo; From Measurements to Muslin class. If you are a normal woman, and even some men might run into this, you have a hard time finding clothing that fit you perfectly everywhere. I know that I would be much happier searching for fabric to make my own clothing as compared to actually having to go clothes shopping. I HATE shopping for clothes. I also have a hard time finding anything in a style that I like. If I would just make my own clothing then I wouldn’t have to worry about any of it. I don’t have anybody to take my measurements for me so this class helps you learn how to accurately measure yourself and then how to adjust patterns to fit the measurements that you just wrote down. This definitely won’t be a goal that I’ll actually reach this year, but it’s on the list. Again, you can’t move forward if you don’t have a destination in mind, right?


If you haven’t checked out Craftsy, please do so! Even if you don’t buy the classes you definitely need to check out their blog. Every Friday they showcase free patterns from the different genres that they offer classes to learn and they also have give-aways that you can enter. I haven’t ever won, but you can’t win if you don’t enter. Right?

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