Summer Cross Finished!

Summer Cross 7-9-16Here is the summer cross at the beginning of July. I was working on backstitching the bottom half of the cross.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the picture that I took after the backstitching was completely done. So you’ll just have to imagine it.




Summer Cross Framed 8-16-16Because it is now framed! This picture isn’t great, but it’s so hard to get a decent photo of a framed piece of work.

Originally I thought that I would go with a pink or yellow mat. Once I had my piece in the store, though, and was looking at it I didn’t like how bright it was with these colors. Yes, I wanted it to pop, but I also knew that I would have to look at it every day and I wouldn’t be able to take the brightness of the pink and yellow. I saw this purple and loved how it looked. In person this is much more impressive! I then picked out a medium green for the inside mat just to pull out the green leaves a bit. I’m not happy with my framing work, but Jay was impressed and told me that I’m too much of a perfectionist. When I took the Winter Cross down Jay asked me what I was doing. I told him that the Summer Cross was going to hang in that spot until winter comes and then I’ll switch them out again. “Where are you going to hang the Winter one for now?” The look of horror that came across his face when I told him that I was going to put it away out of sight actually made me stop. He insisted that it should be displayed somewhere because too much work had gone into it. So, I’ve decided that once I have all three crosses done they will hang on the wall in the living room above my piano. The cross that represents the current season will hang over the little dresser where I keep my grandma’s family bible, our baptismal candles, and the rosary that used to belong to Jay’s grandmother.

I have ordered the material for the Autumn Cross, which I will be doing next, but it will be a while before I start it. I have some other things that I want to work on first.

Two down… two to go…

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