Dresses for Missions – 8-6-16

Quilt Shop FabricIt’s been a while since I’ve posted anything for my Dresses for Missions project. A lot of that is because I’ve been busy working on other projects. That didn’t stop me from buying more fabric, though.

I’ve discovered an enabler, too. The woman who works days in the fabric area of Hobby Lobby recognizes me now (Yikes!) and lets me know when she has new material marked down in the clearance bin. Last week I went in there just to walk around and look… until she mentioned the clearance bin and I found some great material for $2/yd. *sigh*

Dress #31 8-3-16Dress #31

When I was done with this dress I was in love. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t close to fitting me because I might have kept it! The colors are so pretty and feminine, don’t you think? I’ll show you what my favorite part is, though…





Dress #31 Hem Detail 8-3-16All of the sparkle! This picture really doesn’t do the dress justice. This pink cotton had a bit of a sheen to it due to the pattern that runs all over the material. Then I used a sparkly white mini ric-rac along the hem of the ruffle. Around the seam of the ruffle I used a teal ribbon that has a nice flat spot in the middle perfect for sparkly ribbon! I used the same teal and white ribbons at the neckline, too.


Dress #32 8-5-16Dress #32

Using the same fabric (I bought all that was on the bolt: 2 5/8 yds), I made another dress. For this one I used the same fabric for the ruffle and purple as the accent color. The pink accents of the ruffle and edging pull the pink out in the previous dress whereas the purple gets pulled out in this one.




Dress #32 Hem Detail 8-5-16And of course, more sparkly ribbon! Just for the fun of it I decided to use sparkly pink ric-rac on the hem. I then used a wide dark purple ribbon and laid the white sparkly ribbon on top. This combination was used at the neckline, too.

It was so nice to sew dresses again. I love seeing just how girly I can make them!


Blanket #6 5-1-16Back in May I also finished edging another fleece blanket. This time I did a pattern of bobbles along the edges. I think that they turned out rather cute.

I turned these in on Sunday so hopefully before too long they will be putting a giant grin on somebody’s face!


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