Zucchini Relish

Zucchini Relish!One year when I was a LOT younger my parents had been given a TON of zucchini. What were we supposed to do with all of it? My mom was given a recipe for Zucchini Relish so we gave it a try and it was DELICIOUS! I can’t recall how much my parents made that year, but it seems like we had enough to last us an entire year. We did not go easy on it, either. Also, I think that I remember my parents using a 5 gallon bucket to shred the zucchini into before cooking it down.

This is a sweet relish that goes perfect with hot dogs, hamburgers, or almost anything else.

RECIPE (makes 7 pints):peppers and onions

6 Med or 4 Lg Zucchini

2 Green Bell Peppers

4 Med Onions

2 Green Tomatoes

2 Tbsp salt

Food ProcessorGrind ingredients to desired size.

I use my food processor with the shredding blade. Make sure to wash all of your vegetables first and then cut them into pieces that will easily fit into the food processor.

You might need to empty your bowl a few times before everything is shredded.



zucchini mashPut salt over vegetables, mix and let stand for 2 hours.

I use a large stockpot for this. You will need the stockpot later to cook your relish down so this is the easiest way to avoid dirtying too many dishes. While your mash is ‘standing’ you can use this time to clean your oven, get your canning stuff together and make sure that your jars are clean.


Draining MashDrain, rinse once and drain well.

I bought a larger strainer recently and placed some cheesecloth in it to keep the zucchini from falling out of the slightly larger holes. This worked really well and I was able to put all of my mash into the one strainer instead of using two like I did in this picture.


Zucchini Relish Juice IngredientsSeasonings:

3 cups cider vinegar

5 cups sugar

1/2 Tbsp pepper

2 Tbsp celery seed

1 Tbsp mustard seed

1 Tbsp tumeric

1/2 Tbsp nutmeg

3/4 Tbsp ginger

The first batch of Zucchini Relish that I made I used a different brand of stevia. I believe it was the Zing baking blend. It still has cane sugar in it, but it tastes just as good as using full strength sugar. In this way I can call this ‘reduced sugar’ relish. You can experiment and use whatever makes you happy at whatever strength you prefer.


Heating Canning JarsRight before I start to get the seasoning ingredients together is when I like to start heating my jars and lids. It works out for me that by the time the mash is ready to be placed in the jars that the jars are heated and ready to be filled.




Zucchini JuiceHeat seasoning ingredients.

I like to heat the juice until I can tell that it is just about on the edge of simmering.




Cooking RelishAdd vegetables and boil for 10 minutes.

When you first add the vegetables it might seem like there’s not enough juice, but don’t panic! Just stir it frequently to make sure it all gets heated evenly. There’s a lot of mash in this pot and you don’t want it to burn. As it cooks it will create more juice so it will be just fine.

Filling Jar with Zucchini RelishAfter the mash has boiled for 10 minutes remove from heat and add 1 Tbsp cornstarch mixed with a little water to thicken.




Canning BeginsSeal in jars and process for 15 minutes.





Canned Zucchini RelishTaa-daa! You now have beautiful pints of zucchini relish to enjoy! Typically I like to let it sit and marinate some more for a few weeks before breaking into the jars, but technically you can start using it right away.




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