Training Hiatus

N Scale Structures - Main Street Street View - 5-16-16Summer time and the living is easy…

Actually, the living is mostly taking place outside so I haven’t spent much time in the basement. Jay continues to live in the basement, but he’s been working on various wood working projects.

So the trains are kind of on a hiatus.


N Scale Structures - In Progress - 6-28-16Part of the problem is that I got frustrated because I wasn’t getting the finish on the bricks that I wanted. I’m not an artist and so this is a challenge for me. I can be a bit too much like my dad sometimes so when I get frustrated it’s best to walk away for a bit before something gets broken.

Luckily, Jay hasn’t seen that side of me very often…

N Scale Train - Picket FenceWhile I was in Atlanta I managed to find one train store to visit. I wanted to surprise Jay with some interesting finds. Unfortunately this place was 95% H scale stuff so there wasn’t much of the N scale variety to choose from.

I did find this picket fence, which I thought was adorable.

And then I spotted…..




N Scale Train - Tombstones… N Scale tombstones!! These were so adorable that I couldn’t bring myself to leave them behind. Hmm… I might be the first one to refer to tombstones as ‘adorable’. Look at them! I still giggle when I see them. Jay works with The Big O who really couldn’t wrap his head around how tiny this stuff is, so these are perfect for me to show you the scale.


N Scale Train - Tombstones - Showing ScaleSee how tiny they are!! Aren’t they adorable?!

I do have big hands, but they aren’t freakishly huge so hopefully you can understand how small these little guys are.

Now I just need a church so that I can put these in the church’s yard with the picket fence!

N Scale Train - ToyotasI also found some vehicles for the layout. The box said that these are Toyotas, although they look awful big to be Toyotas. I don’t recall Toyota making a land cruiser like that. It doesn’t matter, though, as I will not allow any Government Motors vehicles in the house, so these are definitely Toyotas.



N Scale Train - Thumb ToyotaAnd look at how tiny they are!! I think that I read somewhere your thumb is about an inch long between the knuckle and the end of your finger. So, theoretically, this little car is only about an inch long.




N Scale Structure - Scale PictureHere is one of the store fronts from the town.

When I’m feeling tiny and insignificant I go downstairs and play The Amazing One Thousand Foot Woman with the train set. “Ha ha ha ha… you silly little people! Try to run! I’ll crush you like ants!”

Actually, I don’t like to crush ants. Due to their exoskeletons they are extra crunchy and the whole sensory experience makes me want to throw up.

N Scale Structure - Hotel - Scale PictureSo just how small are these buildings? Here is the hotel that I’ve been working on sitting next to a regular 12 oz pop can.

Does that not really tell you much?



N Scale Structure - Hotel HeightOkay… how about this? This four story building is barely 4 inches tall…






N Scale Structure - Hotel WidthAnd just a smidgen over 5 inches.

Actually, it’s pretty close to 5 inches. As you can see I was a bit sloppy with my measuring. In my defense, though, I only measured once and I didn’t cut anything… so I’m still good.


I’m not sure when I’ll have more Train Stuff to share with you. Perhaps towards the end of the month. There’s a rather large train show that is taking place a few hours from here and I think that we’re going to go. It is almost the 3rd anniversary of Jay being cigarette-free so this excursion will be his gift to celebrate the milestone.

N Scale Train - Intermodal CarsPerhaps we’ll be able to find more of these for him at a much better price than what these cost. Otherwise I might have to go get a second job to keep spoiling him!


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