Egads! It’s a Spad! – Part 11

Ziroli A-1 Nose Scoop In Place 2-15-16Jay has been commissioned to work on other projects, so poor Chad had been neglected for a while. Then this past weekend Jay decided that he was going to work on the next steps of preparing Chad for flight.

Except… he ran into a few issues. When he was telling me about the problems he ran into and how he fixed them I asked if this was something that other guys might want to know as they were building their own Chads. He said that it would actually be really good information to have, so I’m posting it here for those of you who are using these posts to help you as you build.

*******Disclaimer – the following pictures are what I was given to post. The notes were on a sheet of paper with no indication as to which picture should accompany them. Therefore, please forgive me if the posted picture does not correspond in any way to the text.********


Ziroli A-1 Skyraider Wing Tubes“After building, found wing tubes & sockets were a loose fit. Wing tips wiggled .060″ to .070″ up and down.”

Man, there is nothing worse than a wiggly wing tip!



Ziroli A-1 Wing Tube Close-up“Scuffed aluminum tubes and cleaned. Coated them in multiple layers of medium CA using my finger. I built up the surface and sanded until I had achieved a snug fit.”

(A warning from Kerry – be careful where you stick your CA-coated finger. Now is not the time to be picking your nose or scratching in impolite places.)



Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount In Open“I built the motor box centered on fuse diameter of firewall. After bracing with triangle stock I fit the cowl over the firewall and motor blank. The motor was not centered. GRRRRRR.”

Jay 3D printed a motor to use for fitting purposes as he’s still not allowed to purchase the actual motor. Seeing that dollar amount will surely give me a heart attack!


Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount 3-21-16“I had to cut the motor box loose and move down 3/8″. DO NOT CENTER ON FUSE DIAMETER RADIUS.”


See… it’s capitalized so you know it’s important!




Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount Base 3-21-16“You need to include 1/3 of the oil cooler distance at the bottom of the cowl.”


Even though Jay’s using an electric motor it still has an oil cooler distance. Maybe I can find a doll-house sized Igloo cooler and write ‘oil’ on it. Then I’ll place it on Chad when Jay isn’t looking…

Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount - Top 3-21-16“I then reglued the motor box in the proper position in order to center the motor in the cowl.”


Cowl… that’s a strange word. At once I’m reminded of a cow and an owl. Perhaps that’s where you get warm milk at night when you can’t sleep?



Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount in Cowl 3-21-16Here is a picture of… this… umm…






Ziroli A-1 Centered Cowl 3-21-16It’s like my grandpappy always used to say… a centered motor is a happy motor. And if the motor ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!





Ziroli A-1 Motor Mount in place 3-21-16This just reminds me of a bull and Jay is pulling on his nose ring.

Here’s a tip from a farm girl: Don’t pull on the nose ring of a bull that you aren’t familiar with. Make your introductions first and ask politely if you may tug a bit on his nose ring. In this case it’s definitely better to ask permission than forgiveness!


I hope that these pictures and Jay’s notes helped. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Even though Jay is making Chad electric he has enough experience with gas engines that he can probably steer you in the right direction.

Hahaha… STEER… get it… another cow reference… hehehehe


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9 Responses to Egads! It’s a Spad! – Part 11

  1. When I click on the picture I get a “Not Found
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.”

    • Glenn – I apologize. I was out of town from Thursday morning until this afternoon and didn’t have access to my blog. I believe that I have fixed the issue. Please let me know if you are still unable to view the pictures. Thanks!

  2. Glenn Snedden says:

    I have not seen an update for a while.
    What motor is he installing?

    Im almost ready to glass my plane.

    • Hey Glenn! There haven’t been any updates because the Spad is on ‘Pause’ for now. I thought it was due to heavier involvement in the model trains, but Jay says that the biggest reason is the cowl. He plans on putting the batteries in the nose to help with weight, but that means he has to engineer the fiberglass cowl to come apart. Considering how expensive it was he’s a bit nervous about cutting into it. He said that he’s still trying to decide between a Hacker A100-8 or A100-10. He says that either one will have no problem getting the plane into the air it’s just dependent on what size prop or something that he wants to run. I admit that I’m not good with the electronics part of it, but if you want a more detailed explanation I can definitely get you one. He has a few little things left to do and then he can start glassing the Spad, but he is going to leave that as a winter project. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

      • Glenn Snedden says:

        Oh wow, He going electric.

        I have my wing glassed and started glassing the fuselage over the weekend.
        I will be installing an 3W 80xi gas motor.

      • Jay has finally continued working on his, but none of my nagging has managed to get him to take pictures. As soon as I can get some I will update the blog. He was doing some more work to the wing saddle, but not sure exactly what. Hopefully by this weekend I get an update posted.

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