Egads! It’s A Spad! Part 8

Ziroli A-1 Middle Wing Section Sheeting 12-9-15Chad, the Spad, was feeling pretty weighted down. He wanted to get some things off his chest. Or else he wanted to lift some weights. He wasn’t sure what to do. Instead, he decided to show off his flaps.



Ziroli A-1 Wing Flaps 12-1-15Ooooo!! Ahhhh!!

Those are some gorgeous flaps! They are going to look so good on him!




Ziroli A-1 Flaps and Ailerons Attached 12-6-15I was right! They look like they were made especially for him! And those ailerons are so sleek. Wow. That is one good-looking wing!






Ziroli A-1 Wing Weigh-In 12-6-15Chad is a bit nervous, though. He’s been trying to bulk up a bit, but not gain too much weight. It’s such a hard balance between good-looking bulk and flab. Let’s see how he’s doing…



Ziroli A-1 Wing Weight 12-6-15Ooooo…. almost six pounds. That’s just the wing, though. Chad will have to be careful if he doesn’t want to make his new wing flaps and ailerons be stretched to their limits.






Ziroli A-1 Fuselage Weigh-In 12-6-15His athleticism is quite amazing. Look at that balance! Before we take a look at the scale I want to make sure everybody notices that Chad took his cowl off. *sigh* Chad, the cowl doesn’t add that much more weight to you. It’s like me taking my sandals off before stepping on the scale.


Ziroli A-1 Fuselage Weight 12-6-15Barely 4.5 pounds! Goodness. I’m going to start singing “You’re So Vain” before his next weigh-in.

Considering the size of his frame I would say that his BMI is very good.

Keep up the good work!





Ziroli A-1 Wing Leading Edge 12-7-15There’s nothing that a little cosmetic surgery can’t fix. When Chad has the tape removed he will have a beautiful piece for his leading edge.


Ziroli A-1 Spad Belly 12-7-15Okay, so here we are doing something with the something, but it’s done differently than what it was supposed to be done.

Got it?

I know! This is where Jay had to fill in the two body cavities so that he can install hardware that will hold the wing to the fuselage. And he thinks that I don’t always listen to him…


Ziroli A-1 Underneath of Tail 12-7-15And then we have… this… ummm… underbelly… and wood something.





Ziroli A-1 Wing Saddle 12-8-15Now that we’ve installed the wood filler we can cover up the frame work and make it look pretty.





Ziroli A-1 Wing Pokey-Thing Mount 12-9-15While that is drying we can also add the mount support for the wing pokey-thing that helps to hold the wing in place.





Ziroli A-1 Wing Saddle Holes 12-9-15Once everything is dry and set, don’t forget to drill the holes where you can screw the hardware in to hold the wing onto the fuselage. Doing this required the wing, a brass tube, and a drill. It was quite the production!




Ziroli A-1 Wing Mounted 12-9-15Is it just me or does Chad look like a squattier version of one of those bush planes that they use a lot up in Alaska that can land on the water?





Ziroli A-1 Wing Saddle Flush 12-9-15Oh, wait! I’m supposed to be showing you how beautifully Chad sits on the wing saddle.





Ziroli A-1 Wing Saddle Mounted 12-9-15Beautiful job. The long, smooth curves bring out the broadness of his shoulders and make it all come together so wonderfully.



Ziroli A-1 Bottom of Wing 12-10-15I call this picture, “Brother, can you spare a servo arm?”

It’s getting rave reviews at the art gallery.

It says so much about society and material possessions.



Ziroli A-1 Wing Pokey Thing Mounted 12-10-15Look! I told you that the wing pokey-out thing would fit into the support mount perfectly.





Ziroli A-1 Underbelly 12-10-15Who’s got a cute belly??

Chad has a cute belly!

My cats like to get their bellies scratched, too.



Ziroli A-1 Spad 12-13-15Two months. That’s all it has taken to get to this point. At this rate it will be ready for primer before the first of the year!


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