Summer Cross Project – Update 12/3/15

Summer Cross 11-6-15I know that today is not December 3rd, but that’s when I took the last update picture. I have been busy over the last month so I haven’t spent a lot of time working on my cross stitch. I had hoped that by this time of the year I would be about halfway done. Nope. Just about a quarter of the way. I think that once I get past Christmas I should *hopefully* be able to find some more time to sit and stitch.

This is where I was at on November 6th.


Summer Cross 12-3-15I didn’t take my fabric out of my Qsnaps, but here is my progress as of December 3rd.

I’ve added a little more greenery, a little bit of a branch, a few strawberries, and the beginnings of a flower.

The other night I had about a half hour before I had to run out again, and I’d had a rough day, so I used that time to stitch. Just by looking at this picture I can tell that I’ve managed to get another nice chunk done. Perhaps I’ll post again next week.

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