Ribbon Spool Holders!

Lace and Ribbon Stash 11-29-15If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, specifically my sewing posts, then you realize that I have a slight problem with collecting spools of ribbon and lace. My excuse is that I need this stash in order to make the Dresses for Missions. After all, most little girls LOVE to be all decked out in lace and ribbon. Okay, so mainly little girls named Kerry LOVE to be all decked out in lace and ribbon.


Ribbon HoldersI had asked Jay to make me something that I could use to display the spools and help to restore some semblance of order to my sewing room. He made me two holders, a large and small one, that will accommodate all sizes of ribbon spools that I own.


Spool Racks MountedAfter staining and polying the holders we finally got them installed on my sewing room walls. As you can see, my sewing room is upstairs where we have the stupid sloped ceilings. Can I just say that whoever thought that was a great way to design a house should be slapped? There is so much wasted space when you have to deal with sloped ceilings! Anyway…

Small Spoolholder FilledI filled the smaller spool holder. No, there is no organization to these spools. The thought process was, “Take the small spools out of the box and place them on the holder.” I anticipate that these spools will be switched out quite often when they are empty and need to be replaced.


Large Spool Rack FilledAs I filled the large spool holder I knew that it wouldn’t quite be enough. As you can tell from the numerous spools still sitting on the top of my shelf. To be fair, after the first dry run (in the top picture) I realized that these two holders would not hold ALL of my spools.


Spool Racks FilledI still have some wall space left, so Jay said that he will make me another large holder. That *might* hold all of the spools that I own. If I don’t buy any more. And if I actually use some of it up. That means I need more machine time! I guess that some sacrifices will have to be made… 😉

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