Library Doors Finished!

Library Wall Before - 2A little over a year ago this was what my library looked like. At least, this is what one wall of my library looked like.

It feels like it was a LONG time ago when it looked like this.



Library Wall 11-21-15Now it looks like this!


Let’s see those doors from a different angle.




Library - Wall Before - 3These were beautiful doors; wooden with glass window panes. The paint was all chipped. And they had placed long pieces of acrylic over the back sides of the glass panes. I’m not sure if they were to block the view into the basement, keep kids/pets from scratching/breaking the glass, or for whatever other reason they might have had.




Library Doors 11-21-15I definitely like the look of the wood doors better. It warms the room up a bit.

We have lived without the doors on this doorway for over a year, so now we’re trying to get used to having them back on there.

I made my deadline of Thanksgiving, though.




Library Doors Installed 11-21-15That whole wall has been a LOT of work, but I’m mostly happy with how it has turned out.

All it took was a little perseverance and a LOT of elbow grease!

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1 Response to Library Doors Finished!

  1. Jamie says:

    Hooray! Your doors (and that whole room) look amazing! So happy you finished them by your deadline, and that you get to enjoy such a beautifully refinished room. It is an awesome feeling to look around and realize how far a house has come under loving elbow grease, isn’t it? : )

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