Egads! It’s a Spad! Part 6

Ziroli A-1 Glued Wing 11-5-15The overhead door people have been scheduled to install a giant door in our basement, so we can continue building this airplane.

So far we have taken a look at the length of one wing. Actually, this is half of the middle section of the wing, plus the end of the wing that will be removable for transportation and storage of the Spad. We will be buying a flatbed trailer to haul this…


Ziroli A-1 Wing Middle Section 11-5-15We have… umm… more wing? Actually, I think that this is the left and right center sections being glued together. This part will get permanently affixed to the fuselage.



Ziroli A-1 Wing Ends 11-7-15Usually when I mention a “pile of wings” they are usually of the chicken variety with buffalo sauce on them. In this case it’s going to require a LOT of blue cheese to get these down!



Ziroli A-1 Wing Sheeting 11-7-15Now that the rib structure is all assembled we can begin to sheet the wings.

This helps to stabilize the wings and also makes it feel like we are really progressing on the build.


Ziroli A-1 Wing Middle Section 11-12-15The bottom of the center section is mostly sheeted and the extended tail has been properly built.

Note to self: Buy more glue. LOTS of glue.




Ziroli A-1 Wing Middle Section Sheeting 11-12-15Sometimes it’s nice just to place a random piece on the work bench and gaze at it. Sit and soak it in… admire the carefully crafted seams… gaze at the perfectly lined ribs… delight in the whimsical stringing…


Ziroli A-1 Middle Section Sheeting 11-13-15Then flip it over and gaze at it from another angle. Sometimes you can’t really appreciate a piece of art unless you’ve stood and stared at it from different angles.

Let’s all take a few minutes to just observe this piece. What does it say to you? How does it make you feel?


Ziroli A-1 11-13-15It says to me, “Holy smokes! This is how big??!! And it’s going to fit out the door how??”


Let’s try it from another angle to see if it says anything different…


Ziroli A-1 Skyraider 11-13-15“YIKES!! What did I do? This is all my fault! I shouldn’t enable him like this! Where does it end???”


I need to go lay down…

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