Mr. and Mrs. Somebody

Last weekend I was in my sister’s wedding and I wanted to share with you some of the pictures that Jay took while I was busy participating. Please note that the following story is completely made up. I just felt goofy and thought that I would add some captions to the pictures. Enjoy!

Mr. and Mrs. Somebody


First Dance


June 13, 2015




Droof's Red Crown

Before the bride was allowed to get married she had to go through the time-honored ritual of putting a red octopus on her head and drinking a purse full of pearls.

Droof's Balloon Veil

Once the red octopus had been put out of its misery the bride then put on the celebratory crown of accomplishment while the groom wraps a bag of the octopus’ ink around his neck as a good luck charm.

Decorated Table

As the time approaches for the ceremony to begin all of the glasses on the tables are turned upside down. They will then release mice to run through the candy maze. The first mouse to reach the candle in the middle and lights it is deemed to be the winner. It will then be trapped beneath the glass in order to be admired for its great achievement.

Matron of Honor

The matron of honor watches the races. Will her mouse win? Hopefully nobody will realize that her mouse was given Red Bull right before his race.

The Officiant

This time it was the groom’s sister who won. This gave her the best seat in the house, but it also meant that she would have to officiate the ceremony.

Delivering Raven's Bouquet

Since she had lost, the matron of honor had to carry around two bouquets as her punishment. The South does NOT mess around when it comes to the pre-wedding mouse race!


The bridal party stands around waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more.

“So, did you guys catch that mouse race? It sure was something, wasn’t it?



Mother of the Groom

Adam, the best man, walked Chuk’s mom to her seat.

“Don’t tell anybody, Mrs. Chuk’s Mom, but I’m incognito today. Nobody will recognize me in my sunglasses.”



Mother of the Bride

Reed, another groomsman, tries to make a pass at the Mother of the Bride.

“I would be careful about what you say, buddy. My body guard is right behind us and he’s keeping an eye on you!” she warns him.

Reed giggles nervously…

Tim-Raven Walking

Suddenly Canon in D begins to play and things get serious.

Groomsman, Tim, escorts the groom’s daughter, Raven, down the aisle.

Reed and Amanda

Amanda wonders how she got stuck with Reed. It just doesn’t seem fair. Even with her heels he’s still way taller than her.

Reed’s thinking, “Woo-hoo! I won the bridesmaid jackpot!”

Best Man and Matron of Honor

“Despite the fact that I’m standing up for my best friend,” Adam is thinking, “I will refuse to act like I’m actually happy to be part of this.”

“Look! I’m wearing flats and I’m still way taller than him!” Kerry says.

Oh wait… perhaps that’s why the best man is upset…

Hanging Out

The bridal party chatted among themselves as they waited for the bride to make her appearance.

You Sure

“Are you sure that you want to do this? The car is right over there,” the father of the bride asks.

“I think so. After all, I’m already dressed up and I think that it’s too late to get our deposits back.”

Chuk You Can look

The groom was completely confused and wasn’t sure that he was allowed to look yet.

“Can I look? I don’t want to break the rules. Tell me when I can look…”

Bridesmaids Stink

It was apparent to the guests that the bridesmaids had forgotten to bathe that afternoon.

Lighting the Tapes

The mothers of the bride and groom took care of it, though, and lit a match.

Hold This

The bride then gave the matron of honor her bouquet in the hopes that it would help with the smell. “Don’t come any closer,” she said. “Just take the bouquet and maybe rub it all over yourself.”

Lighting the Unity Candle

They also lit a scented candle.

Listening to the Vows

The mantel of shame settled upon the matron of honor while the other bridesmaids snickered because they hadn’t been taken to task despite the fact that they were part of the problem, too.

I Farted

As they began to exchange their vows, though, the bride admitted to her groom, “It’s not the bridesmaids who stink. It’s me, but I’m blaming them! Hehehe.”

Exchanging Vows

The groom’s sister giggles at this, but kept the ceremony going.

Exchanging Rings

“The rings are somewhere… oh, here they are!” The rings and vows were exchanged.

Kiss the Bride

The bride was so impressed with the kiss that her veil got a rise out of it!

Mr and Mrs Somebody

“May I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Somebody!”

Look What I Caught

Mr. Somebody is very pleased with himself. Mrs. Somebody is letting Mr. Somebody relish the moment… for now.

Why Are You Smiling

As they waited for pictures to be taken the groomsmen laughed as the bridesmaid took the matron of honor to task for her shameful behavior. “Next time at least put on deodorant!”

Oh Yeah

“I can’t believe that you went through with it!” her father exclaimed.

I Don't Want to Dance

“Give it 40 years!  You’ll see!”

Look Over There

“Are we done yet?”


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